Personalize the wedding band just for that special person of your life

The wedding band that you give to your man is perhaps the only thing from your wedding day that would last him his lifetime. Give a new meaning to it then. Personalize it. This would be your way to symbolize your unending love for the man you chose.

You go that extra mile to individualize the men’s wedding band you got for the most important person in your life. But just visualize the smile that would play on his lips when he discovers the special touch you have given to the band.


But before you start thinking of ways to personalize the wedding band for your future husband, do ensure that you have got the right size. The size should not only be the standard one but should be the comfortable one. Resizing may not be possible once personalized.

1. Now the question come – how do you give that special touch to the wedding band?

Simple, you may opt from any of the three ways given.

Engrave your special words on the band
Once you select the wedding band, you may also go a step ahead and personalize it. Engraving on the band is a nice way to personalize it. You may put the wedding date, a note, initials of the wearer or even a part of the wedding vows to make the band just for the man.

You really do not have to go looking for where to do the work. Most of the jewelers would do it for free. To check out some impeccable pieces of men wedding bands you can visit site.

2. Add fingerprints
There are many unique ways coming up with a bid to personalize the wedding band. Adding the fingerprint of the husband is another such way to personalize it. Etching your husband’s fingerprint on the inside of the wedding band is a modern unique way that would definitely be appreciated by your husband.

However, not many jewelers specialize in this work. So you need to be cautious while opting for this method. The wedding band would after all remain with your husband for entire life.

3. Add diamonds and stones
Adding diamonds and gemstones is still another creative way to personalize the men’s wedding band.

  • Adding diamonds and gemstones outside the band: Adding the solitaire diamond on the outside of the wedding band makes it noticeable and individualized. Well, a big stone would not be liked by many men. So take of smaller diamonds instead or smaller diamonds on the band along with a bigger stone at the centre. Put your creativity into it and add colored gemstones instead of the smaller diamonds.
  • Adding diamonds on the inside of the band:The diamonds and other gemstones can be inlayed into the wedding band without making it loud and bold. This is another creative approach into making the wedding band just for the person. Stones can be added to the ring even later. So, it is a great way to remember your wedding. You may add a stone each for each anniversary you celebrated.

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