June 16, 2017

How The Salesforce Dx Suit Can Help You Manage Your Content Better

So, you have used Salesforce; you have used Drupal. Moreover, you have probably heard about integrating Salesforce CRM with Drupal CRM. The good news is, there are multiple methods for users to integrate these two CRM platforms. These methods range from basic to highly sophisticated and from free to paid. While some of these methods are relatively easy to implement, others admittedly require advanced technical know-how.


Fortunately, many talented Salesforce experts can not only help you define your work’s requirements but also suggest suitable solutions to achieve those goals, assist with implementation as well as provide support in the post-implementation stage.

First, let’s take a look at what Salesforce Dx suit and what it entails?

Even though Drupal Salesforce sounds almost as old as Drupal 5, it is only recently that the community has assembled and decided to sponsor the development of what we now know as Salesforce suite integration modules. This suite helps to meet various types of business needs. Drupal is an open source, and therefore these suits are mainly free. However, it is advisable that you avail the services of a development firm in order to ensure the implementation of this suites goes nicely.

It is to be noted that Drupal Salesforce suite has undergone multiple transformations in order keep them at par with both Drupal and Salesforce’s API changes. Through various changes, over time, the code base become overloaded. It was fragile to begin with and now after being bloated started hampering productivity. It was then that the need for a framework was felt that would be robust enough to support future integration projects. The community came together to overhaul the previous module and rewrite it. All the advancements that both Drupal and Salesforce platforms had made until that time were incorporated into the new module.

The new module can now conduct the following tasks:

It can maximize access controls while providing heightened security to usernames and passwords through OAuth 2.0 authorization.

It can enable other systems to leverage the core suit as an integral component with the help of its modular architecture that exposes its core functionality via API.

It allows know is true don’t data mappings through both Drupal’s and Salesforce’s object mapping system. They can even specify in which direction data will flow at the field level.

Users can easily synchronize between any Drupal entity and Salesforce object.

It makes maximum security for the data being uploaded, for example – user credentials receipts, registrations, contracts, etc.

What type of data can be imported to Salesforce from Drupal?

The tools above can be used to synchronize almost every type of data from a Drupal site. From syncing donations to accounts, from organizations to users, from content to web form submissions – Drupal Salesforce suite handles every type of data transfer. The modules can individually be customized according to the users’ needs and then be integrated into the SalesforceDx platform. The integration happens in real time, and the Drupal objects are exported to Salesforce platform immediately.

It can be said that ‘sky is the limit’ when it comes to content integration on Salesforce DX platform. It is still the most famous suit for the developer community and is already in use across multiple cities around the globe. Its features continue to be refined as more use cases are considered. With time, as its functionalities are fine tuned, more and more organizations will benefit from it.