Can You Put a Number on Your Wedding Expenses?

You can’t really put a number on the value of your wedding day. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be cherished and shared with everyone that truly matter in your life.

But according to the infographic made by JJSuspenders, we can tell how much an average wedding will cost the newlywed couple.

Every wedding ceremony is unique because it celebrates a unique couple and their individual love story. However, the wedding industry is also a huge business enterprise, earning more than seventy- two billions $ annually and employing over 11 millions of professionals from thousands of industries.

Average US couple is in their mid-twenties and they are willing to spend around 27.000 $ on their big day.
The biggest chunk of it goes on finding a perfect venue. The venue determines the tone and the ambiance of the entire event. Lately, themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular and even if a theme is something as simple as 1920s aesthetic, setting up the venue to match that theme is going to be the most difficult part of wedding planning. In the same time, backyard weddings are also getting traction.

It’s a less expensive option and it gives a wedding a more intimate and personal feel. Organizing a backyard wedding, however, is much dependent on your location and the weather reports.

There’s one aspect of wedding planning, gender equality hasn’t reached yet – wedding dresses are much more expensive than groom attire.

About six times more expensive to be exact. As with any other fashion choice trends come and go and slick and simple ball gowns are quite popular right now.

Wedding gowns with a lot of lace and a retro look are also a big hit. For man however, there’s a return to semi-formal wedding attire, which means that wool tuxedo jackets are finally out and dark three piece-suits with oxfords shoes and neutral color shirts are a way to go.

Besides the venue and the theme, choosing a perfect wedding ring is probably the hardest thing to choose when planning a wedding. It’s more than a jewelry choice, it’s something to be worn for the rest of your life and perfect is the only option.

The safest choice is to go for something modern romantic or minimalistic, with strong lines and a clear geometrical shape. However, an elevated vintage look is also popular even though some think it’s a bit over the top and doesn’t go well with a more down to earth look. The average cost of the ring is a bit over 4.000 $ which is the same amounts couple spend on their honeymoon, so choose wisely.

With social media dominating every aspect of modern lives wedding photos and videos also became much bigger part of any wedding plans, especially if you want to post your pictures on some of the websites that proudly host real wedding photos.

Professional photographers can take up a bigger part of a wedding budget than decoration and catering. Choosing the right one can be tricky because photos should feel both contemporary and modern and be able to stand the test of time when you show them to your grand kids. Deciding on a particular style, an aesthetic a couple associates with their relationships is much harder than finding someone qualified and agreeing on a price.

In the end, remember that the wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles cost more than $110 million and marital trouble started during the honeymoon.

The cost and the amount of preparation put into a wedding party are far less important than what comes next – a marriage with all of its ups and downs, excitements and love. That’s what really counts and if someone’s invitation gets lost in the mail – so be it.

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