Important Questions To Ask When You Are Buying a House

When you have decided to buy a house, it is important that you are fully prepared to look out for the perfect house. Being fully aware and getting a detailed knowledge about the house is one of the biggest challenges that one faces during the search for the house. It is your right as a client to get the answers to your questions and know everything.

It is not necessary that your real estate agent will inform you about every little detail about the house; they can hide some facts which can disappoint you and change your decision about the house. But if your agent is honest and reliable, like at crescent nob hill, he/she will inform you about every little detail and answer every question and clear every single doubt with patience.

Here is the list of questions that you can ask your real estate agent when you are going through the list of houses:

1. How old is this house?

As an interested customer, it is your right to know exactly how old that house is. By knowing the age of the house, you can know how strong the foundation of the house is and how much work it requires. It lays down the basis for your other set of questions that you can ask your agent.

2. Since when is the house for sale?

You can ask your real estate agent about how long this house has been on sale. If it has been on the market for more than 90 days, it gives you an opportunity to negotiate the price with the seller. But before making an offer, it is important for you to ask the agent and find out why nobody has bought the house yet. For example, if you are not satisfied with the house in nob hill which is for sale for a year, you can ask your agent to show you some new condos in nob hill sf.

3. How safe and productive is the location of the house?

When you have moved to a new house, you not only have to live in that house, but you are moving to a whole new area. Your locality and neighborhood will affect your lives in a big way. Your security depends on the kind of area you live in.

4. What are the technical problems this house has ever faced?

It is you who have to live in this house, not anyone else. So do not ever hesitate to ask any question or compromise where you feel uncomfortable. You should ask your agent about the history of problems that house has ever faced: roof problems, renovations, water leaks, busted pipes, etc.

5. How many offers and what kind of offers people have made for that particular property?

If you are really impressed with the house but slightly confused, you can ask your agent about the number of people who have offered a deal for the house. In this way, you will know about the competition you are facing and you can move ahead on a slightly faster pace.

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