Design Guide: Six Tips to Boost Your Workplace Environment

Workplace Environment

Our workplace environment can greatly influence our productivity, motivation to work, and the quality of our work. This is why you should do whatever you can to make your work environment suit your needs. Of course, sometimes, there isn’t much you can do, depending on your company’s policies, but even small things can make a difference. So, to help you improve your work experience, here are six tips for boosting your workplace environment.


Nobody can feel productive in a badly lit room; it’s more likely to make you drowsy and distracted. Unfortunately, lighting is very often overlooked, which is why many people struggle with fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. In some cases, working in a badly lit environment can even lead to depression. With all that in mind, make sure to adjust your lighting if necessary. If you work in a company office, you can bring your own table lamp. However, if you work from a home office, let in as much natural light as you can during the day, and have more than one lighting sources.


If you work in a disorganized and messy environment, you can’t exactly expect your mind to be clear and organized. This is why it’s important to declutter your home office, keep it clean at all times, make sure there is a trash bin, and get rid of any potential distractions. It wouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes every day, and it can do wonders for your creativity.

In a company office, you can’t do much about the overall clutter, if there is any, but most company offices are kept clean. What you can do, though, is keep your own environment neat – organize your files and supplies, keep on your desk only the things you need, and keep the documents on your computer organized as well.



If you happen to be in charge of the office layout, you can make a great difference in terms of employee productivity. Nowadays, open offices are very popular because they allow people to share ideas, socialize, and improve the sense of community. Quiet rooms are also appreciated, because they allow people to work in peace when necessary. If you need help with the design, you should consider SMLXL Projects office fitouts from Sydney, and you can rest assured that your office would fit your employees’ needs.


Just like colors, scents can also affect our mood. For example, cinnamon and mint can improve your focus, lavender can help you relax, while citrus scents can make you feel more energized. However, if you work in a company office, you might not have the freedom of using scented candles. In that case, you can still boost your mood with scents by bringing essential oils with you and putting a few drops on a handkerchief when you need a bit of a mood boost.


It’s hard to stay focused when you’re trying to find a comfortable seating position, which is why you need a quality office chair. After all, you’re going to spend quite some time sitting at the desk, so you can rest assured that buying a good, ergonomically correct office chair would be a worthy investment.

Similarly, you probably couldn’t imagine yourself working at your kitchen table. Therefore, if you have a home office, , choose a desk that matches your needs whether it’s a minimalistic type or a multi-level corner desk. In short, improving the quality of your equipment will improve the quality of your work as well.



Most people know that colors can affect our mood and concentration. This is why it’s important to choose the right color for your office. For example, blue and green are known to improve productivity,, while orange and yellow are great for more dynamic environments. However, if repainting your whole office is not an option, you can always get desk accessories in a certain color that inspires you, like picture frames, coffee mugs, pen holders, etc.

Like most people, you will probably spend a lot of time at work, which is why you should make your work environment as comfortable and productive as possible. Even if you can’t change the color of your walls or introduce some soothing scents, you can always add a few details here and there that would improve your mood.

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