August 28, 2018

How to Brand Your Workplace in 7 Easy Steps

Brand Your Workplace

Even though some of the biggest brands of today started in a garage, basement or dorm room, none of them stayed there forever! As your business grows, so must your workplace. Proper headquarters will not only offer you more commodity, but also allow your brand and your idea to develop and reach a bigger number of people. Thus, designing an office that will display your brand is more than important for the future of your business. So, here’s how to brand your workplace in seven easy and effective steps.

Brand Your Workplace

Adorn your walls

Keeping your employees’ attention is just as important as keeping your clients engaged and an easy way to achieve this connection between your workforce and your company is displaying your brand in the workplace. Custom graphic art integrated into workstations, break rooms and receptions will constantly remind your employees of the brand’s ideas and goals and help create good brand ambassadors. In order to be effective, the artwork you display has to complement the look, feel and the general tone of your brand and not compete with it.

Tech up

In today’s digital world, technology can also be used to convey your brand’s message. Digital displays, projections and interactive experiences can all showcase your brand around the office in a fun and unique way. Plus, it will show everyone that you’re up-to-date with new technologies and are not afraid to change and follow trends.

Employ colors

Of course, you don’t have to display your logo all over your workspace in order for it to have an effect on workers and office visitors. Simply using colors that match your brand will help motivate your employees to work hard on growing and promoting the company. Pro tip: if your logo uses bold colors, you don’t have to make it a primary shade in your workplace color palette. Instead, integrate them in key spaces that will attract attention and leave a strong impression. Think front desks, furniture or way-finding tools. Good brand color integration can be quite tricky, so many serious companies, especially those located in saturated business centers in Eastern Asia, choose to hire professionals to design their quarters. There are excellent Hong Kong architecture firms that create branding solutions that leave a lasting impression on both employees and clients. Pros always know best!

Don’t forget the finishes

Like colors, finishes can also send a strong message about your brand’s identity. For instance, dark woods, matte metals and leather often find their place in law offices and banks, because they leave an impression of luxury, wealth and tradition. On the other hand, glass, chrome and molded plastics are more fit for IT businesses that want to show off precision and high-tech achievements. So, think about the feeling different materials, textures and finishes awaken and employ them to advertise your unique brand.

Rethink your layout

The layout of the workspace can also show off what your brand stands for and what kind of values it inspires. For instance, you might want to create communal spaces that encourage collaboration and communication, especially if you’re in a creative business. On the other hand, more formal companies might opt for a layout that offers privacy and peace. Both of these approaches indirectly advertise your brand and the values your company possesses.

Add perks

Sure, walls, desks, chairs and doors can all be branded, but don’t forget about those little perks you provide for your staff. Maybe you have a high-tech coffee machine in your break room, a pool table in the rec room or a handy bicycle rental service available to your employees. Well, don’t forget to put your company’s stamp on these—it will remind your workers and clients that your brand values downtime, fun and eco-friendliness as much as it promotes hard work!

Put the emphasis on the customers

You want your workspace branding to inspire employees and customers and there’s a way to achieve both—success stories. Frame photographs and testimonials or play promo clips of happy customers to inspire your workers and impress customers and visitors. Creating one coherent wall of success stories will help build confidence in your brand and make employees proud of their work.

One of the keys to business success is creating a branded space that will distinguish you from the competition—both in your employees’ and customers’ eyes. This way, your workplace will always reflect your brand, its vision and your company values, which is something everyone will know how to respect.