May 10, 2017

Follow Some Easy Eye Care Tips for Diabetes Patients

You must be aware that diabetes could cause a lot of harm to your eyes. It could be damaging the small blood cells present in your retina. This condition is referred to as the retinopathy. Diabetes is known to increase your risk of acquiring cataracts, glaucoma, and certain other eye issues. You may not even come to know that there are some problems associated with your eyes until it is really quite late. So get in touch with your health care provider from time to time to detect any issues promptly and on time before things get out of hand.

Easy Eye Care Tips for Diabetes Patients2

Go For Regular Eye Examination
Remember it is essential for a diabetic patient to go for regular eye examination by a fully-qualified ophthalmologist.
Your eye exam would be including:

  • Eye examination after dilation of your eyes for a clear view of your complete retina. Only an experienced and qualified eye doctor could perform this comprehensive eye exam.
  • Another important thing to do is to opt for a special retinal photograph, instead, of a dilated eye exam. You must get digital retinal photography done from time to time to rule out serious issues at the initial stages and to keep your eyesight sharp all the time. Please click here for author choice.

Here are some important tips to combat eye issues despite diabetes.

Schedule an Appointment: Schedule an appointment once every year at least, with a qualified ophthalmologist. It is necessary for a thorough eye examination so that any issues associated with diabetes or any other problems could be detected early and proper treatment could be initiated on time. During your eye examination, your ophthalmologist would be using special drops for dilating your pupils and allowing the retina specialist to have a clear view of the blood vessels present in the eyes to detect early symptoms of any disease or damage due to diabetes.

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Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels: Your blood sugar must be under control. This would prevent any serious damage to the blood vessels present in your eyes. Many times in a year, you should get an A1C blood examination done for checking your blood sugar or blood glucose levels. Your result should be normal that is around 7 percent or even less.

High Blood Pressure Should Be Managed: Hypertension or high blood pressure could trigger eye issues. If you are suffering from both diabetes and hypertension you need to be really cautious and extra careful from the health perspective. Ask your doctor every time to examine your blood pressure whenever you visit him. The ideal BP for diabetics must not exceed 140/80.

Examine Your Cholesterol Levels: Go through relevant blood tests for knowing how much good or HDL cholesterol and how much bad or LDL cholesterol you are having. Excessive LDL could trigger blood vessel damage.

Stay Healthy, Eat Healthy Food: Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and even lean protein. Consult a qualified nutritionist for a suitable diet chart. Find out when to eat, what to eat and also how much to eat if you are on insulin.

Follow all the above-discussed eye care tips religiously. You must also quit smoking for healthy eyes. Remember your eyes are precious to you so take good care of them.