5 Ways To Incorporate Embroidery Into Your Holiday Gifts

Some people celebrate holidays by giving gifts to their friends and family. In some places, this holiday tradition is held annually. So, it’s not surprising for a few individuals to struggle when looking for unique presents for people they’ve known for a long time. Fortunately, there are ways to make your holiday presents more special.

If you’re interested in embroidery, it may be a great idea to incorporate it into your gifts. Here are some ways you do it: 

Embroider Names

One way to make someone feel special when giving them a gift is by adding their name to it. Sometimes, a minor detail can make a difference, especially on simple items like shirts, caps, or tote bags. And if you want to add embroidered details to your holiday present, sewing the person’s name to your gift may be a great choice. 

If you know how to do basic embroidery and have time, you can opt to DIY and personalize your gifts. However, if you’re busyto upgrade your presents, you can search for durable embroidery services instead and ensure a good quality outcome for your gift. 

Add Embroidery To Home Items 

If you want to give an embroidered item people can use for a long time, home items like tablecloths or coasters may be a great choice. For one, they have various functions and can be used on different occasions. Furthermore, they can be suitable gifts for individuals who like to decorate their homes. 

You can make custom pieces that suit the taste or personality of the person receiving your gift.  For instance, if they like a specific flower, you can embroider it on their gift. You may also personalize other items like picture frames or linens by adding embroidered details. 

Make Embroidered Accessories

Another way to utilize embroidery for your holiday gifts is by using it for accessories. Nowadays, some people wear statement pieces to express their style and fashion sense. After all, adding bold accessories like rings or a necklace to a simple outfit can significantly make it look more eye-catching.

So, if your loved ones like to dress up and wear stylish and fashionable clothes, gifting them embroidered fashion pieces may be a great idea. You can buy embroidered dangling earrings for individuals who like bold accessories. On the other hand, you can give a personalized necklace or bracelet to people with a simpler fashion style. 

You can search for ornaments with embroidered details and give them as holiday presents. There are various designs you can choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits the style of your friends or family. 

Make Embroidered Patches

If you don’t know the preferences or interests of the people you’re gifting, it may be better to let them decide where to use your present. For instance, if you want to give them an embroidered piece but are unsure where to integrate it, you can opt for embroidered patches instead. This way, the receiver can decide which items they want to decorate with embroidery. You can make them in different sizes and designs depending on a person’s taste. 

Some embroidered patches are easy to add to fabrics and other materials, so your loved ones can easily personalize their things. For instance, you can make ones with heat-activated adhesive, so all they need to do is iron them on another item. On the other hand, they may also sew it to their clothes or accessories if they wish to make them more secure. 

Use Embroidery To Upgrade Storage Pieces

Some people use various storage pieces in their everyday lives. For instance, some use pouches to organize their stuff in their bags. It makes it easier to get an item they need, especially when they carry a lot of things. Some storage pieces can also be used to keep electronics like laptops or cameras safe. Hence, this option may be a great gift to give during the holidays. 

Adding embroidered details can make simple storage items like pouches or handbags more appealing. You may also add labels on different pieces if you’re giving a storage set. For example, you can make an embroidered pouch for hygiene products and another one for electronics. This can be a great way to surprise someone and let them know you care about them.

Final Thoughts

You can incorporate embroidery into your holiday gifts to make your friends and family feel more special. For instance, designing garments with embroidered names or upgrading simple items with sewn designs are some of the great ideas you can try. 

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