How To Safely Buy Garnet Stone Online

There are, of course, a great many gemstones on our wonderful planet, and garnet has long been a favourite for jewellery makers. Garnet is found in a wide range of colours, from deep red to violet, and it has a dazzling brilliance. In addition, garnet is very durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. As a result, it is an ideal choice for use in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of jewellery. Whether set in gold or silver, garnet always makes a stunning impression.

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In the event you have your heart set on acquiring genuine garnet stones in order to create a piece of jewellery, there are ways that you can do this via the Internet.

Gemstone Dealers

Most gemstone dealers actually make jewellery to order and they can tell you the best price of a natural garnet stone, plus they can design and make any item of jewellery. You do need to be very careful when buying anything of value on the Internet, as there are plenty of scammers who are eager to take your money and run. Rather than trying to acquire garnet in loose stone form, if you contact a custom jeweller, they can create the piece of jewellery, while also having access to the best quality stones.

Do Some Online Research

Regardless of who you are dealing with, if you are going to make an online payment for gemstones, you had best be sure that the other party is above board and the stones are genuine. Any reputable gemstone dealer would have a good reputation within the industry and there should be some online reviews. If the jeweller is a member of a federation or trade association, this is a very good sign that the business is, in fact, reputable.


The great thing about digital tech is that you can enjoy a real-time video call with the gemstone dealer, which allows you to virtually inspect the raw and uncut garnet before making a decision. In fact, you can commission a custom jeweller to acquire garnet stones and create the piece of jewellery and you never even have to meet the jeweller face to face. The design stage takes a while, as the custom jeweller sends you 3D images and with your feedback, a final design and price is agreed and the skilled jeweller can get to work.

Bespoke Jewellery

It might be a very special item such as an engagement or wedding ring that you are looking for and talking to an established custom jeweller will surely lead to the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery. It might surprise you to learn that hand-made jewellery is every bit as affordable as buying from the jewellery store, plus you end up with a unique one-off creation that is fitting for the occasion.

Shop Around

If you are unhappy with a quote from one gemstone dealer, there’s nothing to stop you from seeking out other gem dealers. Google will help you locate a long list of reputable gemstone dealers and you can compare stones and prices with ease.

GIA Certification

When you buy quality garnet stones, there should be certification, either from the GIA (Gem Institute of America) or an equivalent body. If you acquire the stones in loose form, it is the job of the custom jeweller to have the stones certified after the cutting process is completed.

Garnet comes in a wide range of colours and by approaching a reputable gemstone dealer, you can be sure of genuine stones at fair prices.

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