8 Clever Medal Display Ideas

A medal is an artifact that is present in the name of honor. A commemorative piece of metal is offered to celebrate a person or an entity. It is a beautiful expression that motivates an individual to achieve their celebration as a human being.

However, as classy and exquisite as this achievement is, the way a medal is displayed matters equally. You can display the memorial of your bravery, achievements, and milestones at your home, workplace, or anywhere you like!

But, the way you choose to display it is very crucial and tricky as well. The purpose is to beautify and embellish your medal in a fancy and stylish manner, which can be confusing. That is where we come in to help you and provide you with the highest-toned options that benefit your wants!

We are here to list down 8 clever medal display ideas. But let us learn when to avoid wearing your medal:

When to avoid wearing official medals:

  • Avoid wearing your military medals in your civilian attire. 
  • Avoid wearing the medals of your deceased family member or friend.
  • Avoid wearing medals to public places.

8 Clever Ideas to Display Your Medals:

Below are mentioned the eight ways you can display your medals. As a result, you can organize your medals more innovatively and elegantly!

Wind Chimes and Chandeliers Display:

Wind chimes and chandeliers have always been an emblem of magnificence. It gives a beautiful shape to your decor. If you choose to replace chimes with all your medals, it is even more alluring at its most. You can also choose to replace the lowest chime with a single medal.

Golf Stick Display:

Since Golf sticks are associated with sports, you may use specific stamped iron medals. These medals are ideal for sports ceremonies and promotional gifts or can also be retail products. Stamped Iron medal includes a bespoke carvation that can be either on one side or both. Such medals are brass and nickel plated, which is a standard itself. Stamped medals look extremely classy and sophisticated when displayed on a golf stick. They both are complementary to each other. View the deal to check out some clever metal designs trending in the market. 

Old Crib Rail Medal Display:

An old crib rail display is a posh and elegant way of exhibiting your medals. Different rails are placed within an enclosed case where you can hang multiple souvenirs. The best part is that it does not look cluttered and is a fancy way to showcase your achievements in front of your peers. It is one of the most organized and efficient ways to manage your medals.

Trophy and Medal Awards Display

We have you covered if you prefer to have your display blended with your recurrent home decor. You may choose any shelf that is exquisite but sturdy enough to withstand hanging medals. Fix embellished knobs onto the rear of your shelf and hang your medals on those knobs. Moreover, you can place your trophies, awards, and sovereigns on the shelf. The following method is a fashionable way of arranging your pride.

The Medals Mannequin Display:

Individualizing your success is one way of taking content in your accomplishments. To honor your preference, you can choose to hang your medals on a mannequin. The best part of this idea is that it represents your medals exactly as they were placed on you. It is also very convenient, saves time, and can have multiple uses. 

Wood Trim Medal Hanger Display:

A wood-trim display is a splendid way to showcase your medals beautifully. All you need is a wooden plank and paint it the color of your wall. Then with the same color of knobs, fasten it onto the wooden plank. Consequently, it gives you a magnificent hanger for your medal display.

Light Medal Display:

The thought of your medal glistening with the light seems unreal yet majestic. Well, let us get into a long gate-kept secret. You can purchase a sturdy, stylish yet strong lamp to hold onto the weight of medals. When the light shines upon the sheer metallic surface, it reflects to produce a shimmery, glamorous look. This splendor of a display is one of the most elite yet classy ways of showing off your acquisitions.

Running Medal Display rack:

A marathon is all about motivation, devotion, and self-esteem. Medals and motivation combined offer a renewed direction to win. A running medal display includes a rack fastened to a plank with a motivational quote. Beneath the plank, you can add knobs and hang your medals accordingly. That being the case, it will give you an outlook of display that reflects your achievements and encourages you to win another marathon!

Bottom line:

We have mentioned the 8 smartest ways for you to utilize your resources and make a medal display. It is important to note that how you choose to represent your achievements is entirely on you.

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