November 2, 2022

The History of Ripple XRP Price Changes over the Past 5 Years

Ripple XRP Price

Ripple is a popular crypto projects that brings a lot of benefits to the crypto market and also to the real banking sector. Over 200 companies worldwide are already using the Ripple platform in their organisations. Let’s see the benefits, problems and price of XRP.

XRP Price

Currently, the Ripple XRP price is $0.45. Daily trade volume for this asset exceeds $1,340 billion, and the market cap is over $22,8 billion.

The most traded pair with Ripple crypto is XRP USDT, and you will find it on all popular crypto platforms.

How has the XRP Price changed during the last 5 years? Looking at the Ripple graph, we can see that in 2018, the XRP price reached its all-time high ($3.30), and in 2019 the rate fell to 0.35. In 2020, the rate dropped to 0.14 – 0.19. In 2921, the price rose to 0.58 and then to 1.83. as mentioned above, as of mid-October 2022, the Ripple price is $0.45.

Ripple Problems

Ripple is the top traded asset in the crypto market. Why is its price so low? All the matter is in legal proceedings with SEC demanding RippleLabs to confess XRP as a security. In turn, Ripple denies doing that. So the legal proceedings are ongoing, and we hope they will come to a solution.

Ripple Benefits

The Ripple platform offers:

  • low fees for currency transfers worldwide;
  • fast transactions with no middlemen;
  • secure money transfers.

Ripple is able to bring traditional financial services to a brand new level. However, as long as legal proceedings with SEC are ongoing, we should not expect a significant price increase for this asset. Now is the right time to invest in XRP and hold coins in the long term until the project solves all the issues with SEC and starts to develop in full force. Having such a groundbreaking technology at the core, cryptocurrency Ripple XRP price has all the chances to boost in the future. 

How do you mine it?

As a widespread practice among blockchain cryptos, mining is the dissemination of validated systems. Not only does it permit transactions, but it also makes facilities available for the usage of new currencies. Incentives for network supporters include this new currency. 

Because they are pre-mined, XRP Ledger differentiates from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Approximately 100 billion units were occasionally released to the public.

Ripple is in charge of some of the XRP’s circulation. This is advantageous since it may contribute to the development of this cryptocurrency and its long-term success.  But sales can be used to release the remaining portion gradually.

For obvious reasons, there are many worries that this XRP could be made available in large amounts at once. It might alter the value of XRP that was previously owned because the price of the cryptocurrency will undoubtedly fall if it is widely distributed.

What is its main use?

It can be used in the same way as any other cryptocurrency. You may employ them as an investing strategy that could pay off handsomely in the long run. Additionally, you can use them for transactions where the payment method is cryptocurrency. 

They can also be used for currency exchange, which is quicker and more efficient than going to a bank, which typically keeps a sizable portion for itself and incurs a lot of taxes. For instance, if you wish to convert currencies from USD to INR, you can try going to the Ripple Network and doing so. This is easy because the entire process may be completed online, and many individuals use this function.


After reading the whole article you must have understood that this cryptocurrency is not for easily frightened. However, as is true for many currencies on the market it can be highly rewarding. If you are aware of the risk and know how to deal with them then they are definitely worth buying.