Retro Clothes in Today’s Fashion

The past years in high fashion have represented a fusion of the most notable trends, improved and reworked, worn throughout the past decades. It’s the era of “everything is trendy”, as long as you make it look authentic and cool. Retro is trendy, eccentric is trendy, nudity is acceptable and all of that fused in one is represented as today’s fashion.  It seems like whatever works for you, will look trendy and stylish, as long as it looks authentic and cool.

Everybody loves a cool retro piece of Retro clothes. We all have it in our wardrobe from our mom, grandmom or even dad: who doesn’t fancy an oversized sweater or jacket. You’ve probably noticed how clothes stores and fashion brands sell retro models almost exactly the same as your mother’s old skirts and shirts. These pieces of cloths are certainly taking more modern form nowadays, and mastering their return is an important thing when creating a modern look.

Here are some of the most favorite retro pieces of clothing that are considered trendy in today’s world of fashion.


Every child mannequin in the nineties seen on the store’s displays was wearing the fashion boom of the decade- the denim overalls. Well, if you are a nineties kid you probably feel very nostalgic and attached to this piece of clothing.

Overalls were once used only as protective clothing when working. The evolution of this garment through the years reached its peak in the nineties when overalls entered the catwalks. Head-to-toe denim fashion in the nineties was most notably represented by the denim overalls that were worn from kids to adults, both male and female. They have become a “cult item”.

The modern onesies are more about well-fitting opposite to the overly-baggy overalls from your childhood. This chick variation, embraces your silhouette making you look seriously grown-up and trendy. Tighter onesies are very popular among fashionistas these days and in many colors and a variety of fabrics.


#Crop Tops

The nineties were all about striped crop tops in many colors. Every celebrity was wearing a colorful crop top and a loose -” mom” jeans – the definition of the casual outfit in the nineties.

The evolution of the crop top made this item very versatile and not especially exposing. There are endless crop top possibilities today that might look very appropriate worn on any occasion. Moreover, there are those who would suit a very professional and ladylike look paired with high-waist skirt and heels. For those who are nineties nostalgic, oversized jeans, crop top and a flannel tied around your waist will make a retro but still a fancy look.

#Bell Bottoms

The bell bottoms jeans, a lot of colors and flowers will always be the recognizable hippy style from the late sixties. Bell bottoms were fashionable for all genders and very popular among young people through the ‘70s and the ‘80s.

Being forgotten for almost a decade, bell bottoms were reintroduced to the mainstream fashion in the mid-nineties as flare jeans for man and woman. Moreover, they were very popular and worn again for a decade until the skinny jeans rose in popularity.

Today, fashion has become more versatile and all trends are acceptable. As bell bottoms are back to being trendy again, they are worn mostly by a woman. As any clothing item, these days, bell bottoms also, are paired to achieve any kind of look you are going for. From authentically retro, casual, fancy, to very professional and stylish look, they are adaptable to anything.

#Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt dates back from the ’50s! Presented by Dior this skirt has become a representation of feminine and the sense for style. Used mostly for office wear in the past decades, pencil skirts are widely appreciated simply because they can fit every body shape. Paired with heels, a pencil skirt makes a woman look classy and professional.

In the modern-day fashion, pencil skirts are more about a comfy loose fit that won’t make you shuffle awkwardly around. Different lengths are also available and they enter in the everyday fashion as casual and professional wear paired both with flat and high heels shoes. Paired with t-shirts, oversized sweaters, and crop tops, pencil skirts have taken a great new turn in fashion and are surely staying in the spotlight for much longer.

#Oversized Denim Jacket

Millennials’ trends in the last couple of the years have been a lot about an oversized piece of clothing, especially the oversized jackets. Young people and teenagers are a lot into ‘90s denim look, wearing oversized denim jackets over anything.

Ariana Grande, rocks the denim jackets on her stage performances, the once that are totally authentically retro. Denim jacket is so universally good it goes with any outfit you are about to rock.

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