5 Ways to Decrease Anxiety During a Pandemic

The pandemic has certainly changed every aspect of every person’s life. Work, school, business, shopping, and playtime have all been affected, causing anxiety to surface. This anxiety might be very real, a family member is sick, or you lost your job. In some cases, it’s easy to worry about the unknown. Take care of your mental health with some of these ways to reduce stress and stay mentally balanced.

Get Your Information From Trusted Sources

Most people get bombarded with stories about COVID-19 and its effects. At the very least balance your news diet with reliable information that gives you facts. The CDC and WHO can help you filter out the sensationalized tidbits that create more anxiety. Try to read some feel-good stories as you read the news. There are people who are changing their world, even during these trying times.

Disconnect From Electronics and Media

You should stay informed, but you don’t need a 24/7 connection to the media and social media. SD whale watching is a great way to put your phones down and enjoy nature. Take a hike. Enjoy a soothing bath. Play a game with the kids without checking email. Give yourself a break from information. Try to make it a daily habit. Putting your electronic devices away 30 to 45 minutes before bed can help you sleep more effectively, too.

Do Something Physical

Exercise is a great stress reliever. Whether you ride a bike, lift weights, shoot hoops, or take a walk, just move your body. Look online for free teaching options. If you can support a trainer while business is slow, you may be able to Zoom or Skype for a private session to get a little more encouragement. If you’re out of shape, start slow with some low-impact exercises or beginner’s yoga. You don’t want to get hurt while you’re trying to reduce your anxiety. Take advantage of the extra time you have to get in shape for a boat wedding San Diego.

Do Something You Enjoy

If you’ve got some extra time, don’t just veg out with Netflix or the news. Try to find something to do that you enjoy, whether it’s crocheting, gardening, reading, talking to your neighbor (from a socially acceptable distance, of course), or working a jigsaw puzzle. Finding it hard to concentrate? Set a timer and tell yourself you’re going to focus on an activity for just 15 minutes. Tune everything else out. Got even more time? Look for private boat charters San Diego and take a cruise around the area to focus on something else.

Use Mental Health Resources

The pandemic is uncharted waters, so to speak. There’s no shame in asking for help from your friends or family if you’re overwhelmed. Don’t limit human connection even while you’re socially distancing. If you need more help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Reach out before it’s too late. The biggest thing you can do to reduce your anxiety is to take care of yourself.

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