How to Buy the Reusable Protective Face Masks?

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading across Australia, and we need to take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others.  To restrict the spread of COVID-19 infection, the Australian government has made the face masks mandatory.

The reusable masks, like those from Custom Gear, are favoured because it helps us keep the costs low without sacrificing on the quality of protection. Not all reusable masks are made the same. Here are the tips that will help when you go to buy a disposable face mask.

Multiple Layers

A single layer mask cannot provide you best protection against COVID-19 transmission. According to medical experts, a single layer of fabric may not trap all virus-laden droplets from the nose and mouth that leads to spread of COVID-19. A study conducted by scientists in Australia has found a face mask with multiple layers is more effective in trapping virus-laden droplets.

The reusable mask you buy needs to be triple-layered. Even the World Health Organisation has recommended three-layer masks. The outer layer should be made of non-absorbent material that will prevent the virus-laden droplets from entering. The middle layer should have good filtering characteristics. The inner layer should have an absorbent material.

The Face Mask Should Fit Snugly

The face mask is less effective if it does not fit snugly to your face. Any gap or opening will act as an easy route for the COVID-19 virus to reach your mouth or nose. Also, the face mask should cover your mouth and nose completely. It should fit perfectly over the bridge of your nose.

The Face Mask Should Have a Good Quality Tie or Ear Loops

The main role of the tie or ear loops is to keep the mask closer to the face. If the masks do not have good quality tie loops, it will not fit snugly and may fall off. This can increase the risk of infection. Make sure the ear loops are not too tight as it will cause discomfort or itching.

The Face Mask Should Be Washable

According to health experts, you need to wash the face mask after every wearing. This will significantly diminish the risks of spreading of COVID-19 virus.  When buying reusable face masks like those from Custom Gear, make sure they can be safely washed in the washing machine. It is also necessary the face masks retain their shape even after washing.

Face masks made of cheap material will lose shape after wash which will render them useless in protection against COVID-19.

The Face Mask Should Not Restrict Breathing

Comfort is an essential factor in wearing face masks. If the face mask is not breathable, the person is more likely to faint due to a lack of oxygen or breathing restriction. There are higher chances of the person lowering the mask to breathe.

Lowering the mask increases the chances of getting infected and spreading infection. For best protection, the face mask should be covering your mouth and nose completely.

These are some of the aspects you need to focus on while buying reusable face masks. It helps if you look at the protective element and not get carried away by the design or any other decorative aspect of the face masks.

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