October 13, 2017

Dress For Success: Corporate Styling Tips For Curvy Women

Choosing the right clothes is always a reflection of the personality of each person. Curvy women sometimes are having a hard time in finding the right clothes for them. But don’t worry, let’s face it together. The way you choose your dress can make you look like 12 pounds thinner than before or maybe 12 years younger, even without sweating it out at the gym.

corporate style

Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the right style for yourself.

Show some Skin Up Top

Expose your skin to a bit of a V-neckline. This V-neckline creates a focal point from your midsection that will give an illusion of a slimmer and longer upper body. The more skin you display between your chest and chin, the more elegant and fabulous your proportions will seem overall. Wider V-necklines will help you to balance your broad thighs and hips. So collect V-necklines in everything, tees, tanks, cardigans, sweaters, jackets and dresses.

Wear Some Skinny Heel With a Pointy Toes

skinny heel

Your legs will look slimmer and sexy if you use some skirts that pair up with a shoe with a 2-inch stiletto and a tapered toe. A thin foot sole area and slim toe will work to expand the restricted outline of calves. Square-toe styles with a thick, stout foot rear area give the presence of a shorter, massive leg.

Invest in Underwear at Fits

An expert bra fitter can decide whether you, like most ladies, are wearing a wrong-measure band and as well as the small cups, which neither lift nor shape. Down underneath, too snug and cozy underwear creates some swells, while visible underwear lines disrupt the perfect lines of top layers, adding to the bulk around the hips and butt. Get underwear that has a smooth back. Thongs or G-strings also work.

Embrace Shapewear

Get pieces that have smooth lumps while lifting the breast and your behind. Shapers with additional firm tummy controls function admirably when worn under movement and pencil skirts.

Use Jewelry Strategically


Long necklaces and pieces of jewelry will add length to your short neck and convey an image that is far from your hips and to the front of your body. Mid-chest tuckers or huge light fixtures say take a gander at the face and not the center. Stacks of bangles, sleeves and cocktail rings attract other people’s attention to the wrists rather than upper arms.

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Pic Simple, Unadorned Denim

Wearing streamlined pants is a very good approach to the overall look of your body. The most complimenting styles are dim and unembellished pockets. Keep away from additional details that get unwarranted attention such as labels, grommets, or decorative extras. The most slender outlines of all are your bootcut and straight leg.


A salon shower tan or a do-it-without anyone’s help tanning station mixes in some blemishes (veins, cellulite, dark-colored spots, and stretch marks ) that divert from the clean visual lines of uncovered arms or legs. Try not to go artificial too much, as all skin toning mixtures tend to have bad effects on the skin if not used properly.

Import a Jacket Over Jeans

The fresh straight lines and narrow lapels of a coat can neutralize your excess curves. An open coat is also a good way to cover up excess body length or width by wearing it over V-neck tanks and denim wash pants.

Choose the Right Fabrics

  • “Flat” materials do not add volume. Pick cotton, silk, denim, or fleece gabardine.
  • A few textures help you look thin and in shape. Try some cashmere shirts, fine cotton, and anything with a touch of spandex.
  • Women’s clothing materials are very useful, for example, wide-rib corduroy, metallic, crushed velvet, softened cowhide, mohair, cowhide, brocade, angora, boucle, fabric, glossy silk, periphery, and wool.

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Stick With One Hue

Stick With One Hue

Tops and bottoms of a similar shading will make a continuous vertical line, influencing you to look taller and thinner. Stark complexities between your upper and lower body attract the eyes to the center mass of your body.

Match Your Shoes Color To Your Leg

Coordinate your tones to stretch towards your base half. In winter, you can always wear some dark hazy tights and dark pumps.But in summer, you can also try a nonpartisan or neutral skin-shaded form with uncovered legs.

Wear Hair Up and Off Your Face

Pull stresses into a braid high on the back of your head and after that delicately tease at the crown to draw out your bone structure and influence your face to look thinner.


In the end, anything you wear must fit your body. Always feel delightful and confident about whatever you wear. Furthermore, be influence to others because of your transformation by choosing the correct clothing for yourself.