It’s never easy knowing what looks are going to carry on through in to the new year, and which are going to elapse, alongside Britain’s place within the European Union, in 2016. Luckily, we’ve saved you the job of researching and trawling endlessly through fashion mags. Here are 5 key looks that are going to make it big in 2016.
Pale Pastel Prints
While pastels never really go massively ‘out’ of style, 2017 with be the year of the pastel print. 2016 have largely been all about block colour, but next year we’ll see pastel prints all over the catwalks – and not just pretty florals. Aztec designs and intricate graphic shapes will be in every shop come spring summer ’17.
‘Skinny’ Joggers
Joggers that don’t make you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed? No, you’re not dreaming, Skinny Joggers are ALL the rage right now! And the good news is, in 2017. The Athleisure trend is huge at the moment mainly because it lets us look on trend and fashionable, while also been super comfy! Tailored or ‘skinny’ joggers yet bigger and bigger in 2017 so keep your eyes peeled!


Epic Embroidery
We’ve seen a few hints of this sneaking through this year, but in 2017 it will definitely blow up. All-over embroidered boots, bomber jackets, and jeans will be all over the high-street in 2017. Intricate floral designs and graphic prints will dictate, keeping in fresh and vibrant.
Chopped n’ Cropped
2017 is all about the cropped jumper. While cropped tanks and cami’s have been big in 2017, we’re loving the relaxed, street vibe that comes with the chopped in half sweaters. Plus, they are EXTRA comfortable! Clothes you can sleep in AND get away with wearing all day? We’re in.


Appealing Asymmetrics
Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for the countless ‘cold-shoulder’ and ‘off-the-shoulder’ tops you stock piled this year. They’re still going to remain popular, but, be prepared for a new shape you’ll definitely want try. One-shoulder necklines are set to be massive in the new year. Flattering, floaty and versatile – yes please!
There you have it, five looks that will 100% keep you looking fresh in the first few months on 2017. Any other looks caught your eye recently? Drop us a comment below, we’ll let you know whether they’ll be thriving or fading come the new year.

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