Diamond: A Pure Symbol of Love and Loyalty

Woman and diamonds have a relationship as old as time. At times, women are compared with diamonds while sometimes diamond is considered to be a woman’s best friend. It would not be wrong to say that God wanted women to be happier than men so it created diamonds. Only because of this connection, men prefer to give a diamond ring while getting engaged to their women as a sign of pure love.

While planning the proposal, men want this to be their memorable moment of life so they prefer to go for exclusive diamond engagement rings. It has been a tradition from centuries to use diamond rings to show their love and commitment. Diamonds are always being compared with unbreakable strength.

Diamonds are special and so it dominates over the other stones when it comes to marriage and engagement. In the top 7 countries where the diamonds are found, one of them is United States of America. It is not hard to believe that diamond engagement rings USA has wide range than other countries. There are two commercial diamond mines in United States of America.

Kimberlite is a rock from which diamond occurs frequently. Along with diamonds, even this has been found in hundred of locations in United States of America. Few more of these locations will make United States of America, a paramount producer of diamonds.

History of diamond

Diamonds are made of carbons but there are some impurities in it. Pure diamond is made up of entirely in carbon. Due to the right conditions of carbon atoms, which are then highly organized which then turn into diamond. Interestingly, diamond have the same features as that of coal because both have a common element i.e. carbon. Read out leibish reviews here befor buying your next diamond. The first diamond was found in India in 4th century BC. So for thousands of years the only source of diamonds was India. In many superstitions, diamonds are considered to be having special powers of god. It was said that diamonds are the carriers of supernatural power. In early days only the kings had the power to wear diamonds because it was an important piece of stone which was used in most of their jewelry.

Beliefs on diamonds change according to the different culture. The common belief that people still believe is that the exclusive diamond engagement ring should be put on third finger of the left hand because the vein running on that finger goes up to the heart. Diamonds on the engagement rings were not seen till in Western Europe until the 13th century and suddenly diamonds are dominating the market from 16th century.

Types of diamonds

There are different types of diamonds varying from size to color to quality. Red color diamonds are considered to be the rarest diamond while gray color diamonds are considered to be quite expensive because it is comparatively rare. The diamonds can go from colorless to light yellow or brown. Different shapes of diamonds are round, pear, radiant, princess, oval, and baguette.

Types of exclusive diamond engagement rings

The choice of a diamond engagement ring can depend on the person buying or for whom it is being brought. The cost also has to be kept in mind while buying a diamond engagement ring along with the quality of diamond that one want in their engagement rings. Popular types of diamond engagement rings are round cut, princess cut, classic solitaire, side stone, emerald cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, three stone ring, oval cut and pear cut.

The shape of engagement ring also matters while selecting the rings like wedding ring, halo style, vintage and sculptural. Keeping in mind the happiness of life that the couple celebrates, townsquarejeweler.com sells the best exclusive diamond engagement rings with affordable price and high quality products.

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