6 Dos and Don’ts For Taking Care Of Your Engagement Ring

For a woman, her engagement ring is perhaps the most precious piece of jewelry she owns during her lifetime. The value goes much beyond money (even if it is a high-priced solitaire) as there are sentiments and emotions attached. It is something that constantly reminds you about the love of your life and the special moment when he proposed. Moreover, this accessory becomes a part of you as you probably wear it all the time. And wouldn’t you love to flaunt it to see people going green with envy. So there is more than one reason that this piece of jewelry deserves extra care and attention to keep it safe and sparkling forever. Let us help you with a list to dos and don’ts for taking good care of your engagement ring.


1. Do clean it regularly at home

Since you will probably be wearing it day and night, there would be a need to have a regular cleaning routine for your engagement ring. There is a possibility of dirt or oil buildup blocking the light interactions in the stone and depriving it of its original luster. So you should make sure that you clean it at least once in a few weeks to maintain the shine and beauty.

A regular wash care routine with lukewarm water and a few drops of detergent will be good enough. Soak the ring in the solution overnight or for a few hours and clean it with a soft bristled brush. Rinse with plain water and pat dry with a soft, clean cloth. Amazingly, your ring will be as good as new after every cleanup.

2. Do take it for a periodic professional maintenance check

While a regular wash care routine is essential, you should also take your ring for a periodic maintenance check from a professional. Experts at jacobmercari.com recommend at least an annual check to ensure that the stone and prongs are in place. Even though you may be taking good care of the ring at home, an annual check is still required to keep it secure.

Surely, you need to be careful in routine in addition to arranging a proper examination for the if you feel that the stone is becoming loose and may fall from the setting. Besides checking the stability of the precious stone and doing the needful for tightening it, the professional will also give it a cleanup to keep it shining and beautiful.

3. Do buy insurance for your engagement ring

Another thing that you must absolutely do for your engagement ring is to get it insured. Insurance is recommended at the time of the purchase itself. This is where your partner has to be careful because men tend to walk out with the piece, propose and simply forget. Insurance is essential to protect this hefty investment from theft, damage or loss.

A valuation by the jeweler is usually done at the time of purchase as it has to be submitted to the insurance company for getting the piece insured. Remember to get the ring appraised every five years because the value of precious stones and metals usually goes up and the sum assured has to be adjusted accordingly. If you do lose it unfortunately, you will be able to get a genuine claim according to the appraised value.

4. Do be careful while taking off the ring

When you wear a piece of jewelry day and night, there are chances that you take it off and just forget. This is where you need to be careful because an engagement ring is one accessory you cannot take chances with. Often, newly engaged women take time to get used to the idea and slip the ring off while washing hands or showering and forgetting to wear it back.

Conversely, there are times when you should actually avoid wearing this precious piece. For instance, if you are planning to spend a day at the beach, going to the gym or taking a dip in the pool, you’d better leave it home. You need to be all the more careful outdoors if the ring is over sized for your finger and get it resized as soon as you can.

5. Don’t get it resized from just anyone

A ring resize is something that you may require once in a while, probably due to weight fluctuations or changes in temperature. But before doing so, make sure that you actually need it because it is better to leave the stone untouched unless it is absolutely necessary. Women may experience swelling during or after pregnancy and feel that they need a resize but this is often a temporary phenomenon.

Another crucial factor while opting for a resize is to get it done by an expert. Branded jewelry, in particular, needs extra care because any rework by an amateur may harm their signature and lower the value of the piece. Moreover, there is always a risk of the stone getting loose during a resize if not done properly.

6. Don’t think that diamonds are invincible

If you think that diamonds are invincible, this can be the biggest mistake that you may be making with your engagement ring. Of course, diamonds are the hardest known substance; but they can still get damaged if not handled properly. Make sure that you do not wear your ring when doing something aggressive or using chemicals.

There are chances that the diamond may get fractured or chipped when treated roughly. The same may happen with the precious metals. Chemicals found in detergents and cleaners may also rob the stone of its luster. Avoid wear and tear to the ring as much as you can.

Following these simple care tips can be useful for protecting and preserving the value of your engagement ring. Be equally careful about storing your ring too when you need to take it off for some time. Have it well wrapped and placed somewhere it cannot be damaged or stolen. After all, this is one piece that you would never want to lose at any cost.

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