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Too often you may have given up on dressing comfortably because sportswear does not go hand in hand with the fashion of the moment. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief and put on all those sports clothes that you thought made you look bad! Today the sporty look plays on comfortable but always stylish looks. Sportswear is perfect to wear in the gym, in everyday life or during a trip to visit all the places without getting tired. Sportswear has colonized women’s wardrobes in recent years, and that is not a bad thing! Lately, it has made a big change in the way we dress. To sum it up, comfort is the new cool. Technical products, sportswear, trekking and hiking clothing are rising to the top of the catwalks (if not mountains). The good news is that shopping, sport and style can now be combined.

Sportswear is no longer just casual. Even if you work in an office, there is a good chance you are wearing a pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt hanging from the back of your chair, over a raincoat. The advent of sportswear is manifested in the fact that today it is possible to be well dressed in clothes originally tailored for physical exertion!

But in addition to this fashion aspect, there is also, of course, the one related to comfort while you do your exercises. This is in fact the primary function of sportswear. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just athletic shoes that matter. Sports clothes are at least as important, and choosing them well is not always easy. Sportswear should allow you to feel free to move around, keep warm, and be comfortable to wear, acting like a second skin.

Each activity has its own sportswear. Some people will love running in shorts all year round, others will prefer light leggings. To choose your sportswear well, pay special attention to the materials chosen. Nylon or other synthetic material are easy to use for beginners, but they can also be used by the most experienced. Polyester, which is lighter and more breathable, is perfect for keeping cool during your workouts. Finally, you can choose sportswear made in spandex, for elasticity, comfort and maximum wearability.

Where can you find quality sportswear at affordable prices?

Are you looking for quality sportswear but don’t want to spend too much money? The brand Lover-Beauty is specialized in accessible sportswear, with its wholesale sportswear. It offers affordable technical clothing, and you will find sportswear perfectly suited to your body type and physical activity!

Find quality sportswear on Lover-Beauty

Of course, you won’t be able to try on your sportswear by buying on online websites, but Lover-Beauty offers free returns and exchanges. Buying on Lover-Beauty has many advantages. The first is of course the price, since there is an excellent quality/price ratio. The second advantage is the wide choice. So what are you waiting for? Go scrolling through the Lover-Beauty wholesale sportswear and choose your favorite items!

How to choose the right sports clothing for you?

Choosing a sports outfit adapted to your sports activity is essential, but it is not the only criterion. Discover the elements to take into account when choosing the right sportswear for you.

Choose clothes adapted to your sport

Your ideal sports outfit will largely depend on the physical activity you perform. For running, for example, it would be better to favor shorts, with a breathable and antiperspirant material. If you prefer fitness, leggings will allow you to preserve your freedom of movement and act like a second skin.

Choose clothes that show off your body

Highlighting the body by practicing your favorite sport is important for many athletes. If you want to use your workouts to show off your figure, opt for sportswear with flattering cuts. Leggings, for example, highlight the legs more than wide shorts. At the top, prefer a fitted t-shirt rather than a loose t-shirt.

Choose comfortable sports clothes

Feeling good while practicing your favorite sport is essential. This is why your first criterion of choice should always be comforting. Choose polyester sportswear which is a rather elastic material and does not crease (it does not wrinkle, it keeps the crease and tends to reacquire it even after washing, allowing to avoid ironing). In terms of form, absolutely avoid sports clothes that tend to rub against the skin and prefer cuts close to the body, with a little elastane if possible.

What types of clothes to wear for which sports?

Your clothes will indeed depend on the type of sport chosen, whether the activity takes place indoors or outdoors and whether it requires a large range of movement or not. Update on the type of clothing to wear according to your sport.

What clothes to wear for running?

Running is practiced outdoors. It will therefore be necessary to choose clothes suitable for all seasons, for example by opting for leggings that stop at the calves for the summer, and a long, padded one for the winter. On the top side, a simple t-shirt will do the trick. Cotton is the best solution to let your skin breathe out: wearing a bra is strongly recommended. Choose your favorite from the sports bras wholesale!

What clothes to wear for indoor sports?

Are you a fan of the indoor sport? You can afford to wear light clothing in any season. To let your skin breathe, opt for cotton clothing such as shorts and t-shirts. Once again, you will need to wear a bra that will properly support your breast while protecting it from impact. Add to that good running shoes and you will have the perfect outfit for indoor sports.

What clothes for a soft gym or yoga? The so-called “soft” sports activities require you to wear special clothing. Due to the positions, you will need to adopt, soft gym and yoga are particularly compatible with a sports set. The latter will be worn like a second skin and will avoid unpleasant moments when the t-shirt falls on your face.

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