5 Types of Women’s Activewear Found Online

More than a hundred years ago, women had different standards. Gender inequality between men and women was the norm. Women were finally allowed to vote in 1918 and were permitted to inherit their husband’s property in 1922. They could not even get a loan or a credit card under their name. And a 200-year-old law in 2013 was finally put to rest – women can now wear trousers in Paris. Imagine if clothing was an issue up to now, then a store for women’s activewear would not even exist. 

The evolution of women’s clothing may have come from humble beginnings. But thanks to our ancestors, women all around the world now enjoy the freedom to do different things. And that includes the type of clothes you buy. Thank the stars that you can now wear and do your workouts in practical and well-fitting clothes. Nowadays, activewear is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. You can visit the blank style store and you will be amazed at the collection of everyday clothing essentials offered by the company. They have the largest selection of brands like Augusta clothing, Cotton heritage clothing, Raglan clothing etc with many different fits, and fabric types.
Gym or exercise garments should be a few of the staples in your closet. To help you out, here are just some of the sporty outfits that should be on your shopping list when you look for women’s activewear online:

Sports bras

No activewear outfit is complete without it. Compared to regular bras, the sports bra aims to give better bust support for any activity that makes you sweat a lot. It is highly absorbent, lightweight, odour-resistant, and durable, which is excellent for light or heavy workout days. 


They have many names – ninja pants, capris, battle pants, and leggings are just some of them. Whether you decide to do regular gym exercises, yoga, or kickboxing, pants are the perfect bottom wear for you. It is flexible, comfortable, and you can move around to the content of your heart. It has moisture-wicking cloth, which allows it to absorb sweat for natural evaporation. 

Smackdowns and bike pants

These are almost the same as their bottom wear counterparts, except that these are shorter. Smackdowns are flexible shorts that have short leg coverage and used during workouts. Bike pants have a slightly longer leg base and are worn while cycling. Regardless, both have the same features – quick-drying, cool to the touch, gives ample lower body movement, and blocks ultraviolet rays. Some even include pockets for your phone and other small trinkets while being physically active. 

Crop tops

There are different kinds of crop tops, but they all have the same characteristics. It is a cover for your upper torso, which you use solely for exercising and other strenuous activities. Mesh panels and moisture-wicking fibres allow the skin to breathe, making room for easier sweat absorption and elimination. Some have removable paddings, which you do not need if you are using a bra. And best of all, it comes in a variety of colours and designs when you shop for women’s activewear online. 

Sweaters and jackets

Most people do not think sweatshirts and jackets are part of an activewear collection, but they are. After a workout, you need to protect your body from chilly wind to avoid catching a cold. This sportswear also allows you to cool down safely.

The simple act of exercising and buying women’s activewear online is possible, thanks to the ancestors of women. So for your health’s sake, exercise, and when it comes to deciding on which workout gear best suits you, our decision should be based on your comfort. 

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