10 clothing items you can rock in the summertime

As the summer heat descends, it is time to reevaluate our wardrobes. Pack away the knits and wools until the next winters, and embrace the breathable, lightweight fabrics.

The best part about summer, apart from mangoes, is the floral prints and bright hues that not only look chic but also lift up your mood. However, creating a new look every day can be very challenging. You have everything out in the open since you show the most skin during summers. Then, there is always the risk of turning into a sweaty, frizzed-out, frazzled mess the minute you step out of the house.

Here’s a list of ten staple items for your summer capsule wardrobe that can be fashioned together in dozens of styles:

Maxis and sundresses

The sweltering weather calls for light, billowy pieces. Since tight, body-hugging dresses can quickly become extremely uncomfortable in the hot sun, invest in some floral or solid-hued maxi dresses and sundresses in fun colors. Not only do they flatter every body type, but they are also very easy to accessorize. You can top them with a light-washed denim jacket for nights out and with a straw hat, wedges, and long-chained pendants for picnics in the park.

Tanks and tees

Tank tops are the ultimate summer wear. You can stock them in hoards of solid colors and pair them with almost any kind of bottoms. You can wear the solid color tanks with the classic white skirt, flirty daisy dukes, or even with capris and flip-flops to run quick errands. When the night breeze sets in, tank tops also give you the liberty to layer with a cool summer jacket for a chic rocker vibe.

It also goes without saying that you need basic tees to motor through the heat. Loose, breathable t-shirts can look very sexy if accessorized right. A messy topknot, t-shirt, jeans shorts, sunglasses, and an arm full of chunky bracelets screams diva!

T-shirt dress

The amalgamation of the two favorite summer wear actually yields very flattering results. The shirt dress is a very versatile piece. A collared one makes an excellent outfit choice when heading off to work while a stripy number is perfect for a quiet evening with friends. A patterned t-shirt dress will also camouflage those horrendous sweat patches. All in all, a shirt dress issimple yet elegant and keeps you cool without compromising on the stylequotient.


You are bound to be invited to a couple of pool parties or have the sudden urge to hit the beach to cool off. Therefore, go for a flattering swimsuit that suits your style. It can be a simple yet sexy monokini, basic one-piece, or the daring two-piece. Choose one that you are most comfortable donning.


Invest in floaty skirts! Whether they are pastel-hued, bright colored, ankle length, calf length, midis, they look so graceful and stylish. For a fuss-free boho chic look, you can pair the skirts with tank tops, or even with a button-down blouse for a more formal outlook. You can channel your eccentricity in a pinstripe number or give away a serene vibe in a basic cotton one.

Denim shorts

You need denim shorts for this season, as it is the ultimate summer staple. There are simply SO many designs to choose from; you can go for cut-offs, folded hems, or slouchy. Browse for a few pairs that fit you perfectly, flatter your curves, accentuate your legs, and keep you content all season long. Then, get creative about ways to rock them. Pair them with a loose-fitted tunic or a basic tee. Accessorize with funky shades, gladiator sandals, and a crossbody iPhone purse for a trendy look.

Lightweight trousers

Lightweight pants are not only comfortable but also look classy. Ideally, you should go for a pristine white pair in a breezy linen fabric, as they are highly appealing and luxe. They are great for casual dinners, a day around town, and holidays in sunny resorts. Wear the chic pants with button-up blouses, and accessorize with sky-high strappy heels, minimalist pieces of jewelry, and a smart clutch.

Cropped leggings

Leggings are not exactly a style symbol but they are super comfortable, affordable, and go well with everything. The cropped versionis perfect for days when you need to cover up your legs without overheating yourself. Pair them with tunics, loose button down tops or simple tees. Throw on some wedges if you need to add a little oomph to your outfit, or wear sandals if you are merely running some errands or going for a low-key lunch.


While you may be surprised to see a jacket on this list, it is always a good idea to keep one at hand especially if you are heading out to the beach or a rooftop party in a slinky dress. The summer nights can become chilly at times due to the oceanic breeze. Practically, you a denim jacket complements almost all the summer wardrobe staples. However, if you want to stand out of the crowd, opt for a lightleather jacket in a summer-appropriate tone.

Straw hats

Straw hats can round off your summer attires exceptionally well. They provide you with the necessary protection from the harsh sunrays and always look stylish. Try out a few different styles of the straw hat before choosing ones that compliment your face-cut the most.

When dressing up for the hot months ahead of you, loose-fitting, bright pieces in breathable, natural fabrics are the perfect picks!

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