A new age Chinese shopping mall you should definitely know about :

Shopping is extremely important to some people, and with all the new inventions barging in every day we can’t blame them.

A common problem all of us have to face due to online shopping is the availability of diversified products under one platform. Secondly, the question of reliability comes up when you’re in the shopping cart ready for the transaction.

So, after rigorous research, we have come across Kameymall, a China e-commerce platform for you to dive in!


Kaimei Mall or as popularly known as Kamey mall is an international e-commerce podium created by Chenjia Trading Co. Ltd. is a large-scale manner. They follow a commission system to generate profit or a B2C system which basically implies that this company will only get paid when the transaction between the customer and the seller has been completed.

Chenjia cross-border e-commerce headquarters is located in Putian City, Fujian Province, and the branch is located in Gaoxin district, Minhou County, Fuzhou City.

1102, Block B, Juice Building, Gaoxin District, currently has 100 staff working under them.

Right after the launch in 2021, they reached certain stability with which they branched out overseas covering 220 countries and provinces. The remarkable attraction lies in their versatility of categories ranging from apparel, phone & telecommunication, health/beauty, home furnishing, office security, and so forth.

Their competent business team enables them to provide the sellers and consumers with a premium shopping experience.

Features of Kameymall –

It’s a new company in the e-commerce industry irrespective of that the fundamental foundation of this company is absolutely admirable and provides a sense of sincerity.

As it is a technological company so they focus on Research and Development ( R&D ) between Expense to Revenue which gives the sales percentage.

Other than shopping from their 30 different sects, you can enjoy flash deals on all products with discounts upto 50%. Since Kameymall is not a zonal-based shopping site so you are eligible to order from any part of the world with the fastest delivery and quality commodity.

Their affordable prices aiming at making customers be satisfied.

Objective of Kameymall –

The creators behind Kameymall through their finesse in customers services wants to establish an improved and easier lifestyle for everyone. For staffs, customers, and individuals who are associating with them, they wish for their safety and respect their involvement.

The creatives behind Kameymall aspire to become a global shopping platform by becoming a typical household brand for their customers.

Restriction on products Kameymall sell –

There are products that might be legible in your country to purchase and keep as property but products at Kameymall are highly scrutinized before they appear on the site.

Some of the banned products include ammunition, drug, controlled weapons, medical equipment, etc.

As a user or customer you are prohibited to sell and publish without prior authorization by the website officials, which are listed below :

1. Trademark Infringement

2. Copyright  Infringement

3. Patent Infringement

Safety Control –

* Seller and business history is automatically double-checked

* Deceitful sellers are instantaneously blacklisted from the website

* Each and every product is either manually quality-controlled or authorised by professionals before they are out for shipment.

* Customers have to create a user ID before they can order online and all their details are end-to-end encrypted to protect from hackers.

Contact – Although Kameymall.com has a helpline, chat services, and a help center where you get answers directly and readily from already automated FAQ’S which are open 24*7 if you have any urgent inquiry then you could also connect with them at Reddit.

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