Things to know about the spray bottle – some activities with spray bottle

There is no doubt that Spray bottles nowadays are part and parcel of our life. Whether you are using it as spraying some chemical or using it for spraying some scent in your body, you are surrounded by it. When we want to deliver some medication through the nostril there is no other medium but to use a spray bottle. The use of such a Spray bottle is huge. Whenever you bring some spray bottle for other purposes, just try to save it to use for later purposes.

The best thing about the spray bottle is you can use the same spray bottle to soothe your plants which you have bought for spraying perfume. A spray bottle is something that can spray fluids. The most common use of such products is squirting the chemicals or cool cleaner or cosmetics. You can also mix it with concentrators like pine oil and water.

History of a Spray bottle

Long before the 20th century, there is some evidence that the Spray bottle existed. In those days it used to be a rubber bulb which you could use to spray fluid. The technique behind it is that the air moving around the bottle quickly siphons the fluid from the bottle. After World war II the world has seen rapid improvements in the use of plastics. If we could increase the range of the fluid, it could be dispensed. When assembly could be fully automated, you can reduce the cost of sprayers.

Mechanism of a spray bottle

Spray bottles are normally made of plastic. It is made with artificial fog. In a scientific way, you can put extremely small water particles under a high-pressure system. You can see those particles float like fog once those particles are suspended. In most the cases mist spray bottle serves in many places like ordinary families, barbershops, and used widely around our life.

The main principle behind the spray bottle mechanism is pressure differences. The spray-bottle head is the main element that creates pressure differences. The plastic pipe provides a link with the bottom of the reservoir and nozzle. Triggers can activate the piston. So that it can draw liquid from bottom to top through a plastic pipe. Mist spray bottle is normally part of many pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic containers, and chemical bottles.

A spray bottle consists of a trigger, small spring, pump, thin plastic tube, bottle, and two one-way valves. You have to pull the trigger back which pushes the piston into the cylinder. Spring can push or pull the trigger. It is part of the entire pump cycle. The one-way valve is an important part that helps to spray the liquid out and also stops it from coming back.

How do you manufacture the spray bottle?

Modern spray bottle techniques are totally different. Rubber bulb dispensers mainly work along the principle of air moved with a small amount of fluid whereas the modern spray bottle deals with a positive displacement pump that directly acts on fluid. In this way, the pump pushes the liquid up to the siphon tube. It then forces up through the nozzle.

If you can make your own cleaning bottle it will be very useful. You can use it for making perfumes. Whether it is watering plants or cosmetic items, we can use it for various other purposes as well. The best one is the glass spray bottle which has no harmful chemicals. If you are thinking about the price tag you may discourage yourself from buying spray bottles. But it is one of the easiest to manufacture such glass bottles if you have jars at your disposal.

Reusing a glass spray bottle

First step:

When you want to use glass bottles you have to find something which is small in the mouth. The size can vary. If you are looking for the best place to find a glass bottle it is your water, vinegar, and juices bottles. It often comes in packaged glass bottles. This bottle has the same size and grooves as plastic bottles. To start the project you can empty a red wine or apple juice or vinegar bottle. It tends to be the perfect size for such a project.

Second step:

You can find a plastic spray nozzle that you can find attached to any bottle. There are many different types of glass bottles that may have small lids. It can work with plastic spray nozzles. Before you use them just test it to see whether they can fit into your bottle or not. Just go to your local store where you can check if they have any empty spray bottles. You can take a look at which one fits on your bottle.

Third step:

You can find an alternate route. Also, you can reuse plastic bottles that contain hair spray. You can examine all those bottles and see if it will work with them or not. You can also use the oil spray bottle. Just remove the sticky level from the oil bottle. Then you can coat the bottle. Clean the bottle with warm water. Just leave it there for 30 minutes. The level can be peeled off after 30 minutes.

Some fun activities with a spray bottle

Spray bottles are simple playing tools for children. With the help of such a product, they can enjoy and have fun for hours. While they are playing with such products they can also learn to have lots of skills. It can be part of their overall development.

Children can develop their motor skills with the help of a Spray bottle. If you are looking to strengthen the tiny muscles of your kids and put little hands to work, playing with a spray bottle is an ideal option. Just like the manipulation of scissors, spray bottles can help children. There are some children who do not enjoy playing with other crafts. It would be interesting to have fun with a spray bottle.

1. Watering cans for spraying plants

You can fill the spray bottle with water and walk around our garden while spraying water on plants or flowers.

2. Painting on paper

Spray bottles can be useful to paint on large pieces of paper. Just try to find a large piece of paper and stick it to the wall. Then you just fill up the bottle with water and paint. Mix it well and spray it on the paper. It can be a nice idea to create designs.

3. To erase chalk

 Ask your kids to draw something on the chalkboard. Regardless of their mood, kids love to draw anything on the chalkboard. Just imagine how beautiful it would be to apply paint on the chalkboard. Now just hand over the spray bottle and ask them to make the drawings. You can see the happiness in the face of your kids.

4. Ask them to make a color sequence

Who does not like to make color sequences? Go back to your youth with the help of making color sequences. Find any large paper that is hanging from the wall. Get any spray bottle to mix paint and water and make some sequence of color. Invite some kids to reproduce what you have done. They will love to spray the same color sequence with the help of spraying color.

5. Cleaning activity

In kindergarten, you can include the activity called cleaning day in your chart. Just fill a

couple of bottles with water and provide some rags. Then you show the kids how they can clean the tables, furniture, and toys by spraying water.

6. Fun activity with dolls

Well, if you have a girl child in your home she will just love the idea of hairdressing the dolls. A girl child loves her doll. You can gather several dolls for her and ask her to spray water on the doll’s hair and comb it.

7. Act as Veterinarians

Children love to play with animals. You just need to figure out which animal they like. Get animal figurines and ask them to use a spray bottle. Let them spray water to clean them. They will also love the activity of examining like veterinarians.


No one can deny the use of spray bottles in daily life. There is no doubt the use of Spray bottles in our life is huge. In our car, we always use empty spray bottles on a regular basis filled with windshield cleaner. So, spray bottles are useful to clean off your car’s headlights, mirrors, and windows.

However, during cold winter you can mix ½ teaspoon of antifreeze in your bottle. It helps you to melt the ice on your windshield or mirrors. A spray bottle is useful while you want to keep your plant healthy. As a plant mister, it is one of the most helpful tools. A recycled spray bottle can be a good summer companion while you are jogging or cooling down between basketball matches.

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