key tips to never go wrong in your shoe shopping

Each of us wants to take full advantage of our shoes and invest in pieces that will not remain in the back of our wardrobe because the magic would not have operated…

The question of knowing how to properly try on a pair of shoes seems to be both obvious and at the same time not so obvious. Buying mindfully is a choice that is not so natural when we know our tendency to compulsive shopping. We never wear certain pairs that remain at the bottom of their box, we buy too big, or too small. It’s absurd, but it happens much more often than you might think.

Buying a lot of them isn’t such a big deal if you wear them. Here is the key, be successful in shopping for shoes, be sure to wear them, and be able to do it comfortably.

1) Our shoes, a great love story

What if we took the time to see things a little differently and especially to buy well, really well. Qualitatively. Just like in the morning, it is a real pleasure for me to take the time to choose the one who will have the honor to accompany me throughout the day, it is another pleasure to wear a pair of shoes adorned dozens of times without never be disappointed.

Women and their tall black combat boots are a great love story. And for these beautiful stories to last, it is better to make the right choice when trying on in-store or at home after an online order, even if it means having to send them back.

2) My  tips for successful shoe shopping

I offer you tips to remember when trying on, to choose the right pairs of shoes and never be disappointed with your purchases. They have always helped me with my doubts (and my certainties) about the choice of my shoes, I hope they will help you too.

A shopping list

Even if a shoe purchase can be a crush & there is a certain pleasure in unearthing a rare pearl by chance in a window, it is better to inspect your ‘collection’ and know exactly what you need. before you go shopping. Make a shopping list and don’t fall for anything else. This will allow you to buy a variety of models without bringing home the 6th pair of ballerinas that you will not wear in the end. Each pair will be essential to you and you will make good use of it. People who read this article also read:   How to properly sort your wardrobe for a foolproof detox dressing?

Think before acting

When your eye is drawn to a pair of shoes, ask yourself what the sight gives you: reasonable pleasure or immense pleasure ?! As I said above, the relationship we have with our shoes is not always rational. But personally, if I don’t like them more than that, if the ‘wow’ effect is not completely there, I continue my shopping and I come back a little later after having thought about it. Very often we say to ourselves that in the end, we will find better!

The right size with certainty

When you go to the dressing, do not just put the stylo shoes to the foot. It is important to take a few minutes to take a few steps & actually try it out.

Observe your feet, your silhouette and feel if the shoe is welcoming, if your foot feels good in it. Very often, the impression of discomfort, of being tight & uncomfortable is felt very quickly. Your foot should also be well supported, it should not come off. The heel must also be maintained. The lacing should not compress your foot.

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