Tips To Maintain Your Lawn Throughout The Year

The lawn requires regular care and maintenance if you want to keep it healthy and green at all times. If you overlook the same, the grass will look overgrown and will become susceptible to different types of lawn diseases and pests. You need to change the lawn maintenance methods and techniques with the changes in the weather. As the temperature rises and falls, it is important that you pay attention to the weather and the climatic change so as to ensure optimum care. Here is a complete guide on how you can take care of the lawn throughout the year.

Spring lawn care

This is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year when it comes to lawn care. The weather in the months of spring brings rainfall and sunshine for the lawn and the plants. It is the main growing season when the grass increases at a faster pace and the plants produce beautiful blooms and trees. Your lawn will need a lot of care and maintenance in order to grow strong and healthy. It is during this time that you focus on the regular maintenance of the lawn to ensure it is a lush and green lawn. Focus on the feeding, weeding and pest control St George Utah control tools to ensure the optimum growth of the lawn. When you maintain the lawn regularly during spring it will help prevent the overgrowth and weeds. You can contact expert professionals at lawn treatment middleton to help maintain your lawn in the best possible manner.

Summer lawn care

With summer, comes the hot sun, less rainfall, and dry heat. This is why regular care and maintenance of the lawn is very essential. There will be warm and humid summers and it is very important to pay attention to the lawn mowing, pets control, and watering. Grass will grow faster during this period and it is important to ensure regular lawn mowing in order to preFpastvent lawn overgrowth and maintaining the lawn. In case you notice that there is overgrowth on the grass, the lawn will be susceptible to a number of diseases and pests which can damage the lawn in the long term. You need to focus on weekly lawn mowing in the months of summer and maintain the same. You will also have to water the lawn during summers in order to maintain a healthy and green lawn at all times. Deep watering is better than the short sprinkler applications. It will promote deeper root systems, stronger roots and will keep the grass hydrated. Never over water as it will contribute to fungal growth and lawn diseases.

Fall Lawn Care

In the fall season, it is essential to prepare the lawn for the upcoming months of winter. With temperatures getting cooler, the growth of plants begins to decline and ends up going dormant. The grass continues to grow but at a slower pace. It is during this time that you should focus on cleaning the yard and planting new grass. You need to continue with the regular lawn care and maintenance so as to avoid any overgrown and to keep the appearance of the lawn well maintained throughout the fall. This is also a time when you prepare for winter. You need to clean up the lawn and rake up wet leaves. In addition, you need to get rid of the debris or deadhead plants before the arrival of winter. If you leave anything on the lawn, it will smother your grass and leave bare spots in the lawn.

Planting new grass

If you are planning to plant new sod, fall is the best time. Choose the month of September because the temperature will cool down and the seed will sod before winter sets in. You will also have to aerate the lawn in order to prevent soil compaction when the ground freezes in winters.

Winter lawn care

The grass in your lawn will look slightly browner in the months of winter but it still needs care and maintenance in order to survive the weather and to produce new growth in the spring. Winters need a little less lawn care but you should still not ignore the lawn. It is time to focus on the clean up of the year and maintain the grass. Winter clean up means any debris that is left on the long needs to be cleared or it will cause dead spots in the grass. You need to ensure that the grass receives enough oxygen during snowfall and does not have dead spots.

Although the trees, lawn, plants and shrubs will grow slower in the months of winter, it is important to maintain the same in order to avoid overgrowth and pests. If you have tall grass, it will leave the lawn susceptible to a number of insects and cause you trouble. Overgrowth can make a warm home in winters for rats, mice, raccoons, snakes and rats which can destroy the entire lawn and create dangers for pets and children. Cold winter temperature puts stress on the roots of the plants and turns it brown and dormant in winter. You need to ensure adequate care so that the grass turns green again when spring arrives. A lot of foot traffic in winter can weaken the grass and make it harder for the lawn to recover in spring.

Essential tools for lawn maintenance

Fertilizer cart: A fertilizer cart will help you spread the fertilizer evenly across the grass present in your garden. One of the most important things is to apply the fertilizer in a uniform pattern so that there is even growing on the grass and minimal damage to the lawn from the application of fertilizer. Do not use the cart for any other application on the yard.

Aerator: With the use of an aerator, you can ensure that the soil below the grass becomes less compacted and there is clear penetration of water. It is essential to get water through the grass so as to maintain proper growth of the lawn. You can use a small hand aerator if you have a small lawn, it is also cheaper than a large, expensive one.

Hand weeder: A hand weeder is a tool which makes it easy and convenient for you to remove the weed from the grass. You will be able to remove weed without having to use a weed killing product. It will prevent the chances of killing the grass accidentally and they can help remove the weed and the root. This will ensure that the plant does not grow back.

Lawn mower: One of the most important tools for your lawn, a lawnmower is easy to use and will keep the grass maintained. It is a vital tool for proper lawn care. It is also one of the most expensive tools you will purchase for the maintenance of your lawn. There are different types of lawn mowers available in the market and you can choose one based on the lawn size and the features. They are available in electric, gas powered and with a battery. It is best to purchase a battery operated lawn mower because it has no cord and will not create any pollution.

Lawn shears: This is a terrific tool which can trim the areas of the lawn that cannot be reached with a mower. Lawn shears are available in different varieties and are also available as a motorized tool. They require you to go down on your knees and trim the grass. There are many equipped with longer handles which make it easier for you to trim while standing.

Spade: A spade is another versant tool which comes with blades in different shapes and it makes it easier to remove debris. It is important to sharpen the blade of the shovel to make the digging job easier.

Hose: You need to a watering hose to keep the grass healthy in your garden. You need to buy one which has a proper length so as to reach into different areas of the lawn. You also need to look for hoses which are easy to recoil into a lightweight shape when not in use.

Wheelbarrow: Through different seasons, the lawn will accumulate a great amount of debris and a wheelbarrow will help transport the same from one place to another. You will not have to pick up the leaves or dead grass and take it from one place to another to dump it. With a wheelbarrow, you can get into the smaller areas of the lawn and clean it in no time. Most wheelbarrows come with two wheels and bins with high sides. It makes the process of cleaning the lawn easier and quicker.

These are some of the essential gardening tools you should invest in. They will help reduce the effort and make it easier for you to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. It is essential that you take out time from your busy routine and make an effort to look after the garden every season.

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