Raise the Bar of Your Kitchen with Glass Splashbacks!

Until a few years back, installing a glass splashback was as expensive as buying a brand-new car! Fortunately, in present times, installing a glass splashback means a one-time effective and affordable investment where the money is only spent on installation services. You can even cut down on that expense if you decide to install it by yourself. However, it is best to take expert guidance in this regard as a little mistake, while installing a glass splashback, can lead to a big upset. The installation, basically, involves taking exact measurements of the place and the glass splashbacks. If the measurements are not accurate then that may lead to a lot of extra and unwanted work as once the glass is toughened it is not modifiable and that may make further installations impossible.


Plan things in advance before you plan to install a glass splashback.

  • Start by measuring the kitchen so that you may buy the materials accordingly.
  • Place an order for the glass only after exact measurements have been taken.
  • Ensure that all the kitchen cabinets are properly leveled.
  • Mark space for the overhead cabinets only after lower cabinets has been properly installed.
  • Order a glass that fits the exact specifications of the fixing holes.

Measure Electrical Power Points Properly

Align the crosshair centrally and then take edge-to-edge measurements with respect to the crosshair. Take out all the kitchen hardware and also pull out the electrical wires with the help of an electrician. Before you start with the installations, ensure that the mains are turned off. Remove the power point and put it in a box. Choose the design that suits your kitchen layout template.

Printed glass splashbacks are also available in the market to make your kitchen look more beautiful. If you feel it is too expensive, then just buy the glass and even you can paint it later. It will give a personal touch too to your kitchen décor.

Give Your Home Good Vibes!

Traditional interiors not only make the house look luxurious but also fills it up with good energy. Your home is a result of your choice and attitude towards building one. Craft your home in a way you want guide for Nathan James. Shape every nook and corner of your home carefully. Your house is full of emotions, connect with it. Implement innovative ideas such as glass splashbacks for bathrooms, kitchens and even wall paneling. Such ideas keep your house alive. Choose vibrant colors for your home. It will not only energize the environment but also uplift your mood.

Change is Constant

Earlier, it was very easy to find granite tops and tiles on the kitchen walls. But, nowadays, in an era of modern kitchen with advanced features, for glass splashback is used to give kitchens a sleek and stylish look. The glass splashback starts from ceiling to bathroom and is available in a variety of colors. The glass splashbacks are highly resistant to heat, so while cooking there is no fear of walls being damaged. It is durable and prone to rigidity, hence even children cannot damage it. The splashbacks come with a safety adhesive backing.

If you are designing a luxurious kitchen then choose glass splashbacks wisely the glasses. Do not compromise on the quality of the glass. They are effective solutions to faded and accumulated dirt.

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