Nine Amazing Ideas to Create Focal Points in Your Garden

A recent survey suggested that taking a home from no landscaping to well-planned and executed landscaping can increase the home’s value between 5.5% – 12.7%. These strong numbers reflect the importance of good landscaping for the curb appeal and value of a home.

Of course, you cannot overlook the importance of a well-maintained garden to transform your curb appeal. Against the common misconception, beautifying your garden is not as challenging as many people perceive it to be when you are focused in the right direction.

Here are some ideas for focal points that can help you accentuate your garden.

1. Create Comfortable Seating

The seating you choose for your garden can become its focal point. If your seating is comfortable and attractive, a visitor will naturally feel welcomed and be drawn to it. However, several garden seating options can overwhelm any person.

If you are looking for an option that is robust and resilient to weather circumstances, you must strive to find the best stone garden benches. These benches are low maintenance and do not require frequent repairs or replacement.

2. Add Ceramic Pots

You do not always have to spend a huge chunk of your savings on accentuating your garden. It is all about the right placement of additions to your garden. For example, adding ceramic pots surrounded by landscaping patches to your garden can be a great focal point.

Ceramic pots of different sizes and colours can help you set the tone of your garden. You can paint these pots with the colours that compliment the exterior of your home on harmonising all components.

3. Use Plants

Plants are naturally a part of any garden. In addition to adding beauty to your garden, your plants can also become an essential focal point. The best part about using plants as your focal point is that they can be more subtle than any other addition.

Nature has blessed gardeners with a variety of styles and colours to choose from. For example, a plant with bright flowers among patches of green bushes can be a pleasant break for your eyes and can create a picturesque scene appreciated by all viewers.

4. Window Boxes

If you have run out of space or do not want to clutter your garden by adding too many focal points, you may want to consider window boxes. Made of iron or copper, window boxes can be bought from any Home Depot store and positioned easily. You can colour the window boxes to match the aesthetic of your home.

Once your window boxes are ready, the next thing you must consider is the type of plants you want to grow. Of course, it will depend on where you place the window boxes and the duration that area receives sunlight.

5. Add a Sculpture

Homeowners who want to give their gardens a more formal look can consider adding sculptures in their gardens. These sculptures do not have to be gigantic. Instead, you can look into small and simple structures that can stand out among the plant beds.

You can also plant some small hedges on the basis of your focal points to make them look more prominent and accentuated.

6. Consider Intersecting Screens

Intersecting screens can be an opportunity to boost the looks of your garden while adding a layer of privacy. These screens can also help you mark the end of a walkway while ensuring visual appeal.

Depending on the positioning, the intersecting screens can also help you avoid nosy neighbours or passersby. This way, you can also boost the comfort of your garden.

7. Incorporate a Water Element

Water elements are not limited to traditional European houses anymore. You can consider adding a water feature to your backyard as a focal point as well. In addition to the visual aesthetic, there are several other benefits of adding an outdoor water feature.

The noise of flowing water can also relieve stress and make you feel closer to nature. In addition, water features are also known for their ability to improve air quality. Of course, this addition can also do wonders for the value of your property, especially if you are considering selling your home in the near future.

8. Install a Bird Feeder

If you are a bird lover, installing a bird feeder can be one of the most captivating ideas for you. Bird feeders can be a great focal point for your garden and an open invitation for different birds to visit your home every day.

If you place your bird feeder and keep it stacked in the right weather, it can help several birds during the nesting season. The birds can stay closer to their nests if they do not have to struggle to find food. Your bird feeder can be their source of reliable and plentiful food.

You can also install a camera in your bird feeder to view beautiful birds up close and capture great shots. This way, you cannot only help local birds but also get to know more about the types of birds in your area. In addition, you can also teach your family members, especially children, about different types of birds.

9. Create a Garden Shed

A garden shed is a great addition to your property and can be a great use of free space. If you have an inclination towards DIY projects, you can create your own garden shed without a hassle. It is your opportunity to turn free space into a focal point of your yard.

If you already have a garden shed, the circumstances are in your favour. The only cost you may have to bear is the painting expenses. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the way your garden looks. You can also add potted plants on the sides of your cottage garden shed to make it look more aesthetic.

On the contrary, consider the placement of your cottage shed carefully if you are thinking of creating it from scratch. You must bring it to the front of your yard to make it a focal point.

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