Discover 7 Welcoming Front Gardens That Will Make You Feel Right at Home

Your front garden should be very inviting. It should reflect your personal style and also boost the curb appeal of your home. If you’re interested in making some improvements to your front garden design, you should know that doing so is often very easy and very affordable!

To help you find some inspiration, we’d like to share 7 welcoming front garden ideas which will make you (and your guests) feel right at home…

In our opinion, adding grass mats will be the quickest and simplest way to make big and positive changes, without busting your budget.

With this in mind, we’ll put grass mats at number one!

1.) Invest in Affordable Grass Mats

A grass mat is a mat which is woven in order to simulate the look of trimmed and healthy grass. Grass mats are often used as displays for products and they are also popular as scenery design elements in theatre and film. However, you may not realize that adding grass mats to your front garden will allow you to access the look of beautifully manicured grass in an instant.

To use grass mats to best effect, map out a space in your front garden, which will be filled with grass mats and bordered in bricks with pale tones. Add a couple of big rocks and a shrub to the centre of this display and you’re done.

These mats are available in standard sizes and they may also be ordered in customized sizes which will be cut to size according to your exact specifications.

Rubber Grass mats

2.) Use Stones as Design Elements

Big stones are dramatic, natural and rugged. Putting a couple of them in a middle of garden grass, a flower bed or a grass mat display will be an affordable way to make your front garden more attractive and welcoming. Also, big stones are going to stand the test of time. In addition, their weight holds them in place.

If you haven’t considered decorating your front garden with stones, you should! They are often available in intriguing shapes. They mimic the look of abstract sculpture, without the abstract sculpture price tag!

3.) Add Garden Sculptures

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, you will be able to create a front garden which has some of the same features of the world’s most elegant and refined gardens, such as the front garden at Versailles in France. While you probably won’t be able to buy garden sculptures by the world’s greatest sculptors (you’ll find these priceless works of art at Versailles), you should be able to find some lovely designs. Adding one of two to a front garden will turn your green space into a welcoming wonderland.

4.) Utilize Many Decorative Pebbles

Instead of filling a soil bed for flowers with blossoms, why not change it up by adding oodles of decorative pebbles? These natural pebbles come in every colour of the rainbow and they look gorgeous when the light hits them. Surround flowers in decorative pebbles, border a flowering shrub with pebbles or use them alone, over soil, in order to give your front garden more character.

5.) Create a Unique Planter Display

We think that combining planters of different sizes and complementary colours (in a cute cluster!) is a great way to make a front garden more inviting. If you’re on a budget, go to thrift stores and yard sales and find an eclectic array of inexpensive planters. Then, arrange the planters so that they are closer together. Fill them with soil and your favourite flowers. This is a great way to personalize a front garden and make it more charming.

6.) Use Painted Vehicle Tires as Planters

This strategy may sound odd, but it’s actually really appealing, especially if you appreciate bolder design and brighter colours. Find four or five used tires and then paint them in a host of vibrant colours. All of the colours that you choose should complement one another. The tires may be filled with soil and flowers. Some people stack them for a dimensional effect.

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7.) Use Borders to Give Your Garden Definition

There are lots of materials which are appropriate to use as garden borders (edging). We love borders as they define spaces and also give front gardens a polished and manicured look. Bricks work well, as do recycled plastic planks (which look like wood) and real wood planks.

Update Your Front Garden Today

Now that you know some tips which make front gardens look stunning, why not try one or more of them today? If you want fast results, be sure to check out grass mats online. You’ll find photographs of front gardens which are made with these mats and some of them are really welcoming and pretty!

After you view photos of grass mats in front gardens, you may just be tempted to buy some yourself!

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