What is an Aadhar card?

Knowing about the Aadhar card

At many places, you are asked to prove your identity. The Aadhar card helps you in these circumstances. So, what is an Aadhar card?

What is an Aadhar card?

Indian citizens need a proof or identity such as PAN card, ration card, Aadhar card or driving license to get essentials such as cell phone SIM cards, electricity, and water. But, it is not mandatory for any other purpose. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issues the Aadhar card that contains a unique identification number. This number serves as a proof of identity and address anywhere in India. The government plans to collect the personal details such as fingerprint, iris-scan, photograph, and so on. They will store these in a centralised database. Even children can get an Aadhar card.

What is the way to apply for an Aadhar card?

The eAadhar card is voluntary based and any person interested in obtaining an Aadhar card can do so. This you get free of cost. You can apply for the Aadhar card by submitting your present proof of identity such as the PAN card or driving license. They ask you to undergo bio-metric profiling. This includes iris-scan, fingerprinting, and many other things. You can do this at the Aadhar centre.

What are the ways to update your Aadhar card?

If you wish to update or correct the Aadhar card details, you must follow these steps. There is a chance that you have made a spelling mistake while entering your details in the Aadhar card. If so, you must correct them. Or, if you have changed your house and wish to update the new address, then you must follow these steps.

The three ways to update are these:

  • Update online
  • Make a request for an update by post
  • Visit the nearest Aadhar centre

Also, remember that if you have not used your Aadhar card for three consecutive years for any transactions, it will become inactive. You should update it if it becomes invalid.

What are the benefits of having an Aadhar card?

Unlike the voter ID card which they made with the idea of permitting the person to take part in the electoral process, the Aadhar card does not have any specific purpose. Every person gets only one identification number and not several numbers. It remains valid for the entire duration of the life of the individual. So, you need not change or validate it from time to time. You can use the Aadhar card for opening a bank account. You can also use it for applying for a passport. Other places where you can use it are for booking e-tickets and so on. You can use it at any place where you need to establish your identity. The Aadhar number is randomly generated and does not depend on caste, creed, or religion. The government uses the Aadhar network to find out who needs assistance and ensures that individuals get the benefits that they are eligible for. This eliminates the middleman and helps link all the essential government services with a centralised database. This helps the person avail of the subsidies that he is eligible for without having to apply or enrol separately for them. It also serves as the sole basis for Know Your Customer (KYC) norms that arein use in banks and other financial institutions.

How should you link your Aadhar card to Digilocker?

DigiLocker is the National Digital Locker System launched by Government of India. You can access it at http://digilocker[dot]gov[dot]in and https://digitallocker[dot]gov[dot]in.
When you open the DigiLocker you will see the dashboard which allows you to upload and exchange documents and track your activity. You can see the various Issuers under a separate section.

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