Food Journey of Jharkhand

Jharkhand is associated with various delicious cuisines and a treasure trove of recipes. The Jharkhand cuisine is not very different from Bihar, as both of them are neighbours. The Jharkhand cuisines are associated with the different cooking styles that have made it completely unique. Generally, mustard oil is mostly used in this particular cuisine that is associated with the characteristic aroma.Commonly a Jharkhandi meal is associated with Roti, Rice, Sabzi, and Achar that is commonly prepared in every household. The cuisine of Jharkhand is further featured with many more delightful dishes. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Dhuska: It is a very famous snack of Jharkhand that is prepared in most of the households. Dhuska is a fried snack that is prepared as the breakfast snack. It is made with rice and lentil batter that is later deep fried. Dhuska can be served with Ghugni. If you want to know dhuska recipe, then you can search on the internet.


  • LittiChokha:Jharkhand is a state that is associated with religious people who follow Buddhism. So, the cuisine is dominated by various vegetarian dishes. Litti is a very popular dish here that is relished by most of the people. It is served with Yogurt, AluBharta or Papad, along with the complementary part BaiganBharta (Chokha).
  • AlooChokha:It is a very simple and easy-to-make recipe that is very famous in Jharkhand. The particular recipe is prepared with mashed potatoes, fried onions along with spices and it is ready to serve. Its best accompaniments are Roti/Chappati or rice. It is really an extraordinary dish.
  • Pittha: It is a mouth-watering delight that is prepared with wheat flour, rice, suji, and stuffed along with vegetables and lentils. Jharkhand’s Pittha is associated with a very unique taste and it is generally served with coriander chutney. It is a must-try dish.
  • Chilka Roti:It is one of the finest dishes of Jharkhand. Chilka Roti is prepared with Rice and besan, mostly on festive occasions. Chilka Roti along with Chutney is amazingly mouth-watering.
  • Bamboo Shoots:Bamboo shoots are one of the very important parts of Jharkhand’s cuisine. In order to make vegetables, Bamboo Shoots are used to give a different flavor (it is associated with a sweet taste). In this particular cuisine, Bamboo Shoots are used in different curries.
  • Malpua:Malpua’s are mouth-watering and irresistible recipes. These are prepared with milk, flour, and sugar along with mashed bananas. Malpua’s are deep fried in Desi Ghee as well as fried in the Sugar Syrup that gives them a delightful taste.
  • Thekua:Thekua is a very popular sweet snack that is prepared from wheat flour and sugar. It is associated with irresistible taste.
  • Rugra: Rugra is associated with the taste somewhat like mushroom. It is rich in protein and minerals as well as high on calorific value. So, it is a very healthy dish. The particular dish is preferred by most of the people and is associated with very high demand during the peak seasons.

From dhuska recipe to Rugra, Jharkhand is associated with many other delightful recipes.

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