Definitive Guide to Colorbond Roof Replacement

Colorbond roofing has gained popularity over the past few years. Nowadays, in Australia, they are used by in many houses. The fittings help in making your house look good and extends protection from rain and sunlight. Colorbondroofs are quickly gaining acceptance in Australia because they are lightweight, stylish, and sturdy. There are many the types of colorbond roofing such as:

  • Configurated roofing
  • Trimdek.
  • Kliplok 700
  • Spandek

If you are thinking to modify your house, then colorbond roof replacement serves as the best option for you. The benefits of colorbond roof are as follows:

  • Strong: Though, colorbond roof replacements are light-weighted, but are built of strong materials. They stay intact even after they are subjected to intense storms. Also, they are termite resistant. Moreover, they do not peel or crack easily, and remain intact. Additionally, since the colorbond roof replacements are light weight in nature, they do not require much effort for their fitting.
  • Durability: These roofs are very long lasting and do not get damaged very easily. Also, the fixtures are tough, and you will not find any leakages or cracks when they are installed. Moreover, they require low maintenance and do not need to be painted too.
  • Heat Insulation: The colorbond roof will protect your house from extreme temperatures as they are composed of thermally efficient materials. They radiate very less sunlight and cool faster at night. However, the lighter colors are found to be more effective in such aspects.
  • Easy-to-Design: Colorbond helps in giving your house a new and modern look. Also, they come in different shapes and colours and you can choose the ones which will suit your house and needs. Moreover, the lightweightedness of the colorbond helps in providing spanning capability.
  • Easily Installable: Colorbond roof replacement can be installed with ease and have garnered popularity on the basis of this aspect as well. You can easily roll them to the size without any extra effort. The metal sheets can be go to 100 m long.
  • Waterproof: Through color bond roofs, the rain water runs off very easily. If you do not want the water to start pooling around your houses, then you can mount the steel ridges that are especially made to eliminate rainwater without any delay. Colorbond roofing makes your life a little easier and safer.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since, colorbond have in-built insulation and do not require a painting job, the process is deemed to be cost-effective. Though, they are more expensive as compared to tiles, the final costs will include the extra insulation cost, the installation costs, and extra painting cost and can turn out to be a cheaper proposition that the other available alternatives. In Australia, many people therefore opt for color bond roof replacement and roofing.
  • Preserving the Environment: These roofing are 100% recyclable and can be reused time and again. Also, since all the rain water rolls off, the roof remains clean without harming the environment in any way.

The price of Colorbond roof replacement has been same in the past few years. These are very cost effective. The per square metre cost are as follows:

  • For the corrugated suitable which are more suitable for the house sheds, the cost is $18.
  • For the powder coated ones that are very popular these days, the price is $21.50
  • For the ultra-onesthat are recommended for coastal areas where the water is salty and there is chance of erosion, the cost is $36.50
  • For patios and other structures where both sides are open, the cost is $24

We can say that the overall cost of colorbond roof replacement is generally $5200 which is less than tile installation. You should think of availing the options of colorbond roofs as they help in keeping your house clean and beautiful as well.

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