6 Different Types Of Decorative Concrete For Your Home

One of the most versatile building materials for construction is concrete. It is highly durable and easy to customize. Most prefer it because of the cost efficiency and with the advances in paving styles, concrete does not have to be plain anymore. Concrete designs are a new trend for counter tops, concrete floors, concrete patios, driveways, entryways and more. From residential properties to commercial properties, the attraction is only growing. Concrete is no longer boring, it has become attractive, bright and long-lasting. It is now considered as a beautiful element for changing the look of your home. You will notice the use of concrete in numerous projects across the city. It can make the floor look luxurious, anti-slippery and. It does not cost a bomb and there are many different ways you can use concrete in your home.

You can use different types of decorative concrete in order to transform the gray concrete driveway into a pavement. It will add style to the home decor and lasts for a longer period of time. In order to increase the beauty of your flooring space, there are many styles you can choose from. If you are looking for unique ideas to beautify the concrete floor in your home, consider the below mentioned six types of decorative concrete.

  1. Stamped overlays: This is an ideal option for a residential decorative concrete. It will not tear out the expensive concrete slab and will simply top it with thin stamped overlays. You can add to the look of this overlay by adding a thin layer of water-resistant cement on concrete and then the cement will be stamped with a textured color. A huge advantage of this type of concrete is that it can be customized in different colors and a smart combination of colors and textures can give your concrete a brand new appearance.
  1. Acid stain: Acid stain is one of the most popular types of deceptive finish for your driveway. In this concrete type, there are acid stain pigments which are soaked deep in the pores which permanently change the color of the gray slab. It will not only add color but will also infuse translucent tones to the concrete and will give it a unique finish. The acid stains can create a glossy effect which remains the same for many years to come.
  1. Honed aggregate: The popularity of honed aggregate has grown over the years. It is a process of grinding down the exposed aggregate surface until you are left with the desired finish. The biggest advantage of honed aggregate is that it is ground down and gives a smooth finish as compared to exposed aggregate and honed aggregate is ideal if you have children. It can be used for indoor areas like kitchens, foyers and for outdoors like driveways and patios. It is also possible to add a non-slip treatment which will make it safe for installation and will give it a luxurious look.
  1. Knockdowns: When you add knockdowns to the concrete, it is a great way of blending style and texture while ensuring its safety. A knockdown will add texture to the flooring and will make it non slippery. This is a decorative concrete that is available in different styles and if you reside in an area where your driveway gets wet easily, a knockdown is an ideal solution.
  1. Painted: You can get the concrete floor painted with different types of colors. When you use different patterns and designs, it is possible to transform the space into a unique piece of art. However, it is important to seek the advice of a professional before you choose the type of paint for the floor. Choose a heat resistant paint which will protect the driveway and will last for a longer period.
  1. Trowel on: You can add texture to your concrete through trowel-on. To achieve the look, a thin layer of wear-resistant cement is used to replicate the pattern of a ripple stone finish. It easily helps produce a richly colored pavement and you can customize the colors to suit the home decor. It is a convenient and unique method of adding a smooth finish and color to your driveway.

If you want to transform the ordinary concrete in a unique and attractive space in your home, consider the above mentioned decorative types. Keep the space and the usage in mind when choosing the type of concrete work you want for your home.

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