Best ‘Eat Streets’ in Sydney

Bored eating in restaurants every time you go out? Then you must try the street food of the town from the underrated chefs! Street food is also best suited when you are out with your friends and looking for a pocket-friendly meal. You will also get a wide range of choice of different dishes in a single place. The real taste of the county’s special foods can only be experienced at the streets of that country! The street food is also as hygienic as that of a restaurant. Even for enjoying a cup of hot coffee, you can enjoy much more when you are sitting outsides in chilling weather with a cup of hot coffee in hand! During a festival, when these streets are crowded, it creates a kind of sense of togetherness amongst people. It also gives some work to poor people and helps them from being unemployed. Here are some food streets you must visit to know about the real taste of Australia!

Chinatown, Haymarket:

Sydney has its Chinatown located at the center to city and at a small distance from Central Station. This eat street has become even better since chefs from Hong Kong have moved to the country to work here. Yam Cha is a very popular meal here that people have to go early to get it to else have to wait for a long period to get it. Noodle markets are also held in Chinatown every Fridays. Your mind may get super-excited by watching Photos of Chinatown by Trip Adviser.

Norton Street, Leichhardt:

If you are a fan of Italian food, from homemade pasta to ground-coffee, then you must visit Norton Street. The people who love Burwood Italian Restaurants love this place too. The street is lined with European style cafes with International Food Fair, gift stalls, community expos and live entertainment throughout the day. So, this is not only a food street, but this is also a place of recreation!

John Street:

This is the area of the town where Vietnamese live and hence is famous for Vietnamese taste. Apart from food, there are craft shops, clothing stores, and groceries here too. This place remains crowded at weekends. Especially on Sundays, over 15000 people visit this street to enjoy their weekend as there are many things to do and shop over here.

Beamish Street:

As there are Koreans settled in this part of town since the 1920s, this street has owned the title of Korean Town by the locals. There are about 20 Korean eating places in this street which has Korean dishes. The Korean people over there show a lot of brotherhood and are united. They also keep this street clean and tidy. There are also several grocery stores and Beamish shops near this street.


Thus, we can taste food from different parts of the world just in one town in the country. Therefore, one must visit some of the above-mentioned food for sure when they come to Sydney.

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