What to Gift Your Son on His Engagement Day

Parents are the happiest when their children get engaged. Parents do not give gifts to their children in their engagement; they arrange the engagement and that’s supposed to be the ‘gift.’

Normally, you cannot expect to get numerous gifts on an engagement day. People prefer to wait until the marriage day and present gifts. However, there are many close family friends and relatives give a gift as soon as they hear of the engagement news.

Normally, an engagement party is arranged by the bride’s side, and later, the groom’s family jointly can host an event. Nowadays, the bridegroom and bride arrange their parties. The engagement party is not the marriage day, and thus, it typically is a casual affair for both the families.

10 Unique Gifts

  1. Good Comforter
    Your son may need a comfortable sleep as a lot of hard work has to be done prior to the marriage. Gift him with a cozy bed for a comfortable rest. Let the bed be made from natural fibers and soft materials, which will be non-allergic.
  1. Chocolates
    Gift him with special custom made chocolate in wedding attire. They will look cute and taste sweet. Strawberries are preferred as the best fruit for such chocolate.
  1. Cake Cutting Tools
    Life without cake is going to be boring, so when they celebrate their future achievements through a cake, you should help them to cut the cake with appropriate tools.
    Gift them with the necessary tools to enjoy their first joint celebration.
  1. Recipe Book
    Give them an easy to use recipe book. It will help the couple to cook some fine food for their night date.
  1. Cutting board
    Your son may like to host parties regularly after his marriage. They need to have some kitchen item for serving food. Present him with cutting board with a personalized board with both names carved.
  1. Crystal Vase
    Every couple will love to have a crystal vase. Everyday flowers can be arranged to add beauty to their homes.
  1. Headphones
        If he loves music, gift him with a professional headphone to sit back and enjoy music amidst the ‘marriage’ stress.
  1. Dress Clips
    There are many articles people forget to give as gifts. One such thing is the tie-clip to hold his ties on his engagement day. It is a brass clip with an etching. It will be a beautiful reminder for the future.
  1. Shaving Kit
    An elegantly looking shaving kit with all the essentials like shaving oil, brush, cream, and after-shave lotion. It’s a ‘must have’ set for all men.
  1. Leather Valet
    A must-have organizer for everyone. It can hold many personal items and give him a specially designed monogram.

The groom is getting engaged and will soon get married and thus, you need to gift with some beautiful items for him to remember. A gift from parents is always special to their son.

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