5 Best-Kept Secrets of Buying Colored Diamonds

Out of every 10,000 diamond pieces mined, one comes out with its natural color. Industry gurus call these colored diamonds. Jewelers and other enthusiasts purchase them for the attractive appearance features. Besides, an intensely colored diamond is rare to find and has more value.

How do you find such a gem? When you do, you would like to be smart and end up not paying much higher than the going rate. Another consideration is whether you are a jeweler or are seeking to gift someone special.

colored diamond

Other than choosing a diamond just because it looks good, there are far better ways of choosing one. For instance, making a decision based on photos does not always work. An image of the jewel will not show you the size or light intensity.

1. Quality

Irrespective of the color, a diamond’s hue has a different richness. You could enhance the color in, say, a laboratory. You will notice that it is more vibrant than when looked at in ordinary circumstances.

2. Do not mistake the weight for the size

A general assumption among people is that a diamond with more karats is heavier than the one with less. Such reasoning is only natural. Think about it; a person weighing 80 kg should be taller than one who weighs 100 kg. That is a good point only that a gemstone’s weight gets distributed in several ways. Jewelers cut colored diamonds in such a way that you get the most of the color. Carat weight can mislead you.

3. Color

Evaluation of diamonds lays much emphasis on color. The price of each color scheme depends on the group. There are three categories: affordable, medium and ultra-rare. Below are examples under each category:

  • Affordable – Yellow, brown and gray
  • Medium – Yellow and orange but of the high quality
  • Ultra-rare – Red, violet, purple, blue and green

How do you differentiate these types? If the secondary color of the diamond you desire is in an inferior grade, the price decreases. For example, pink diamonds are pricier than brownish pink ones. On the contrary, brown is cheaper than pink brown.


The shape of your precious stone determines its price. Round-shaped diamonds are the most expensive. Princess cuts come second. Luckily, you can opt for alternatives that will save you money while giving you a nicely shaped piece. Rather than picking a round shape, you could go foroval.


Experts consider the fluorescence aspect to be a flaw. If a diamond has a flaw, then you get a good offer. Fortunately, unless you are a professional dealer, you will not notice this defect. Fluorescence makes the stones appear whiter than they would under ordinary circumstances. Either way, you can get a good price for a low color grade and one with fluorescence.

To find a colored diamond of the right quality, you must be patient. Take time to research and compare the colors. You need not buy your diamonds cheaply. Buying decisions only call for you to be smart. Look for any disadvantage in a piece of stone. Turn the flaw into your advantage.

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