Best Mexican Restaurants In The US

A concoction of vibrancy, ethnic varieties and contemporary culinary technique defines Mexican cuisine. The Mexican food journey embarks on elements like vanilla, beans, peanuts, coconuts, tomatoes and chilly and the mouth-watering delicacy. We are spilling the beans on the best Mexican restaurants where lip-smacking food is served where you can opulently dine.

1. Cosme, New York City

Cosme has regularly ranked in the top 20 best restaurants list and it truly deserves this place because it has a top-notch profile from the contemporary interior to serving piquant flavours. You will be mesmerized by the high-gear small plates and market-fresh, salacious and zesty tortillas. You can begin your dining with crackly blue-corn tortillas with Chile-kicked pumpkin-seed butter. Here you can revel in the delicacy of crispy tostadas wiped with bone-marrow salsa and smoothness of uni.

2. El Barrio, Birmingham

This hot spot will simply steal your heart with its urban chic decoration and a menu that is based on locally sourced ingredients. If you are craving to relish some traditional Mexican food then you can enjoy classics like chicken quesadillas and tacos. You can start with something adventurous like plantain nachos or the grilled chorizo meatloaf. You can even have brunch here so it’s just everything one can think of a Mexican restaurant.

3. La Cabana, Anchorage

La Cabana was established in 1953 in Anchorage and since then it continues to serve the magic of flavours. This is worth the hyper Mexican restaurant of US as it serves most soul-stirring food year after year. Just to help you overcome the confusion to select the menu one can try dishes like burritos, enchiladas, tamales and huevos rancheros, etc. You can also make your selection amongst the array of house special dishes like La Cabana sirloin steak with cheese enchiladas.

4. Barrio Café, Phoenix

The ornamented entrance and vibrantly decorated interior, Barrio Café will entice you every time once you have visited this heavenly place for Mexican cuisine lovers. There is so much to relish and experience in the Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza’s creative menu since 2002. This place is famous for its hailed cochinita pibil which is a slowly cooked pork dish and guacamole that comes with pomegranate seeds will surely impress you and if that’s not enough then try some exclusive tequila shots.

5. Baja Grill, Little Rock

This award-winning restaurant has so much flavour some to offer from a vivid range of tacos and burritos for you to explore. One must try Baja Crab cakes that have impressive luscious taste. You can order your favourite dish from any of your local restaurants at huge discounts and offers by looking for some Chipotle Coupons online and enjoy food anywhere.

6. La Taqueria, San Francisco

One of the most tedious tasks to decide on the best Mexican restaurant in California which is specialized in the cuisine but one name that repeatedly comes is La Taqueria which is in San Francisco’s. It is now serving for 30 years and fulfilling our hearts with its delectable art of cooking. It is known to serve the best burritos in the city and so is with tacos.

7. Tacos Tequila Whiskey, Denver

It was commenced with a food truck before it emerged as a big brand and now it embarks a chain of four restaurants out of which three are in Denver and forth is in Phoenix. Chef Kevin Morrison pays reverence to Mexican cuisine and exudes the magic of his creativity, talent and art of cooking. Don’t be confused while checking out the menu as you can try any of these: repollo tiernos that is fried Brussels sprouts with cotija cheese and piquant dressing; chicharrones that is fried chicken skins with salsa and lengua in which crispy beef tongue is dressed with honey mayo.


You can simply say that America’s most popular cuisine is undoubtedly Mexican food as it is diverse in taste, outrageously gratifying to your soul and tummy soothing with its peculiar flavour blend and mouthwatering taste. To make your fine dining experience memorable we have curated the best Mexican dining options for you to explore because food helps us to create beautiful memories.

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