You are planning to learn or retrain in the profession of web writer and you have any questions. Am I made for this job? How should I do it? Do I have to invest in training? Getting into this profession is a real-life change and you have to think about it.

Let’s start by understanding what a web copywriter is, what he does, and most importantly the skills you need to have to do the copywriting job.

Web writer, what is it?

Few people really know this profession. If you talk about it around you, they will ask you what it is. They will be surprised to see your new job and you will be questioned. This is why demands are raining in this area. You can practice this profession from your home, but also in a company. It’s up to you!

No need for diplomas, you just need to know how to have fun with words. But if you have studied literature or communication in journalism, this is obviously a plus. I still advise you to learn copywriting course by Magine Solutions yourself. A web copywriter training by Magine Solutions will teach you essential techniques. You will need to acquire technical writing and the basics to master natural referencing, also called SEO. If you are motivated and you like words, this job is surely for you!

What Does a Web Copywriter Do?

It is an exciting profession for those who love to write and learn new things every day. You have to know how to diversify so as not to get bored. The main mission of a web copywriter is to write digital content. You have to be led to write news articles, blog articles, or sponsored and promotional articles. He can also write product sheets, testimonials, customer reviews, etc. you can ask him to write an ebook, but he can also write it for himself. All website content is written by web editors. As you can imagine, there is plenty of work. Just get started here!

What Skills Does It Take To Become A Web Copywriter?

Perfect command of the language is essential. You need to be very organized so you don’t lose a customer because of a missed delivery deadline. You have to be passionate about words. You are going to have to read to educate yourself on topics that you do not know. To then be able to write an article. You have to be curious to enjoy it. You should feel ready to move from one topic to another within the same day.

SEO web copywriters are becoming essential for anyone who wants to gain visibility. Google’s “Panda” algorithm becomes inflexible. Without this well-written content by good copywriters, they don’t stand a chance. All of these websites, blogs, and e-commerce that are born every day will not survive without a web editor.

Freelance or sign a CDI?

You want to start, but you do not know if you should go freelance, or look for a position in a company. You want security, take a job in a company, but they are difficult to find.

As I told you previously, there is no shortage of work. You’re going to have to persevere at the start, sometimes working on platforms where you start at the bottom of the ladder. But with hard work, your skills will be identified and you will climb the stairs. You will be better paid and proud of your progress. Go ahead, you won’t guilt it!

Find a family balance

By practicing the profession of freelance writer, you will find a family balance. You will work for you, at your own pace. Your working hours and your place of work are up to you. You become a digital wanderer. Your only constraint will be to keep working hours in your schedule. By being free from your schedule, you can start by scheduling your private appointments, your personal or family hobbies, and blocking your time slots with your work as a web editor. You will be the only master, you decide!

Do you need to do training to become a web writer?

The answer is yes. It is important to train to be a web copywriter. Writing on the Internet is very specific and cannot be compared to writing for a magazine or newspaper. You have to learn to make sentences short. You will understand how to find the essential keywords for natural referencing. But also training for the HTML language (tags that we put in a text to format it). It’s not very complicated, but you have to know them. Many courses exist, but not all are created equal.

My personal experience as a web writer

My passion: books! One day my kids told me, “stop reading mom, and write a book.” This sentence went around in my head for a long time. I ended up watching videos explaining the writing trades and came across “become a web copywriter”. It was a revelation. I started to follow initiations while writing for platforms. With my little nest egg, I offered myself further training, which lasted six months. This allowed me to enhance my texts and to understand natural referencing. Today I am a 4-star web editor on platforms. I decided to work full time, at home, freelance, and I’m having a blast. I am living my dream.

I decided to take my life in hand, just like me. Do not wait any longer!

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