5 Ways to Become a Freelance Writer

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home and still be able to pay your bills, then freelance jobs are always up for grabs. However, while you can always find a platform like Upwork, Fivver or any other marketplace and start selling your skills, you’ve got to understand that whichever freelance writing path you choose, there are challenges that come with it. It means you are not going to strike gold on the first day of doing freelance editing jobs. Experienced freelancers will tell you that working online is not always a smooth ride.

From deadbeat clients to low paying gigs, newbies are often a target for cheap services. It is why; the first step to establishing one’s self in the freelance enterprise is finding a client that would pay good money for your services. In this post, we explore five ways to becoming a freelance writer, so take a look further to learn more.

  1. Create a strong work portfolioA portfolio is your online resume. It is what shows potential freelance clients that you have what it takes to deliver. Thus, instead of always having to do a sample from scratch when needed (deadbeat clients way of ripping off newbies), start by building a site. This way, you can always share links to your website with potential clients.
    Alternatively, you can do guest post for websites that accept them. And, even though you may hardly get paid for such, it is worth the taking, especially if you want to land quality gigs.
  2. Find work on social media
    The internet is a home to millions of possibilities. Now with social media growing by leaps and bounds every day, it is one place you can find well-paying freelance writing jobs. Join a group of freelancers and it won’t be long before a job post features in your feeds.
  3. ReferralsFinding freelance jobs can be painstakingly difficult and as the enterprise continues to attract millions of people around the world, getting gigs through referrals could be your ultimate game changer. Whether it is a friend or a neighbor who does freelance writing jobs for a living, you can always ask him or her for a referral to a potential client.
  4. Sign up with freelance marketplaces
    Most starters in the freelance world begin with creating accounts on content mill websites and marketplaces such as Upwork. The truth is that these are not the best of places for someone looking for well-paying freelance work. However, for a start as you plan on a long term strategy, they are great places for building on your skills.
  5. Cold pitching  Cold pitching is a great way to get freelance jobs, and in particular, well-paying gigs. It could be sending cold emails to potential clients or contacting website owners for a writing gig. There is always a possibility that one out of ten pitches will return value for your time/application.

The Bottom Line

Freelance writers are everywhere these days, and there is no doubt some are making a kill out of their skills. You too can. With this in this post and others, it is that time you started a freelance writing journey with the right guidelines.

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