Home Quarantine Helps Boost Beauty Ecommerce Demand in 2020

The modern people of the world are under home quarantine because of the Novel Corona Virus Infectious Disease 19 (COVID-19). Governments and localities enforced social distancing and lockdown to reduce contact and spread of this deadly virus.

This pandemic has created a significant impact on economics and the lives of many people, obliging everyone to wash hands and stay at home for home quarantine. Even if you’re not part of the vulnerable population of children, seniors, and those with preexisting medical conditions, you would still need to avoid interactions because the virus needs a live host to survive.

COVID-19 has affected economies and industries worldwide. For instance, more than 60% of sellers in the UK adjusted their marketing plan because of the pandemic. These days, digital alternatives are rising in demand.

Quarantine and Social Distancing

How does home quarantine affect the demand for beauty ecommerce? 

According to research, people avoid shopping in malls and shops across the globe. Local beauty companies and businesses have closed their kiosks and shops, relying on orders and deliveries. Because the new coronavirus hit senior citizens the hardest, shopping in physical stores had an unintended consequence.

The demand for beauty products remains the same, with limited supplies due to shops closing. Deliveries and online shops have risen to the occasion to provide services and products.

Digital Alternatives

Young professionals and middle-aged adults prefer shopping for products online, most especially beauty or cosmetic products, such as Asian Beauty Wholesale, to avoid contracting the virus. You can click here to check the trusted online beauty product supplier.

Here are some ways that home quarantine has boosted beauty ecommerce:

1. Internet Dependence

New research shows the degree of the outbreak’s severity in each country, in which 85 percent of online users in China and 83 percent in Hong Kong avoided crowded places in the past 14 days. These numbers are more than a quarter or 27 percent of online users in the United States, and 14 percent in the United Kingdom.

Basically, due to the pandemic, more people are spending time online. This fact opens up opportunities for eCommerce in general and not just beauty. Because more people stay at home, they use the internet to watch the news, read the latest updates about COVID-19 and entertain themselves.

2. Online Shopping

More people are active online, browsing through different ecommerce platforms to shop for the things they need, such as toiletries, baby supplies, dietary supplements, and beauty products. Because of this, beauty eCommerce platforms gain potential customers that usually don’t visit their websites.

You can take advantage of the rising demand by doing a market study in your area. Find out what people need and do your best to advertise the products that can fulfill their requests. Anticipate the demand for beauty products like soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and cleansers.

3. People Want to Work on Themselves

YouTube has an increasing number of beauty tutorial videos, which shows how much time people have today to pamper themselves, which makes beauty ecommerce very demanding amidst the pandemic. It’s one way to entertain and provide entertainment; they can also bond between moms and their daughters, and among girlfriends.

Challenges Ecommerce Face Today

More and more quarantined people at home adopt online technology to purchase beauty products, and this is where beauty eCommerce comes in. In China and other countries greatly affected by COVID-19 have increasing digital shoppers to avoid going to physical stores, wherein inventory could also be limited.

Major marketplaces and retailers accept the challenge of order processing and logistics of different products sold online. Because of supply chain issues, many third-party sellers find ways to limit its impact by reducing ad spending. Due to the combination of supply and demand shocks brought about by the novel coronavirus, it means that the situation is getting faster-moving and more complex than ever. Also, business owners and advertisers should always be on top of supply chains and the latest news that drives consumer behaviors.

The Bottomline

Many people are under home quarantine nowadays to reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination and spread. Even with the negative economic impacts of more people not spending and staying at home, home quarantine helps boost beauty ecommerce because more people are online, shopping what they need.

While the eCommerce industry also faces challenges because of the current situation, measures are being tested and used to provide the best customer buying experience.

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