3 Trends Shaking Up the Beauty Industry

There are a variety of trends currently affecting the beauty industry. Independent companies and the rising popularity of makeup tutorials are two examples of current trends.

This article will explore three trends with the most visibility. Those three topics are the rise of independent companies, bath bombs and face masks and guys doing makeup tutorials.

With trends coming and going in this industry, it’s interesting to think about what will happen next? One possibility is seeing companies increasing their use of beauty pr to reach a broader audience.

Exploring New Markets

One of the most significant differences between younger people and their parents is millennials buy from smaller companies. The biggest reason for this push is that more people are looking for organic, natural feeling, and artisanal makeup companies.

These companies are also working to fill niches that more prominent beauty companies have left open. Vintage Vixen Cosmetics, for example, is a cosmetics line that gives older people a youthful glow. This company is different because it compounds that build collagen to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Big companies are moving away from research and development. Instead, they are acquiring companies that are being innovative. This is happening so the business can make more money and eliminate competition.

The Increasing Popularity of Masks and Bath Bombs

Masks and Bath Bombs

Another trend that is visible to anyone with social media is the increased usage of bath bombs and face masks. On social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, seeing selfies of people using facemasks is common. Facemasks can do any number of things, but most remove blackheads and hydrate your skin.
Bath bombs enable users to create pleasing visuals. Videos of this product fizzing are also shared on social media. They were first designed to change the color of the bathwater. Nowadays, essential oils are added to nourish people’s skin.

The Rise of Male Makeup Tutorials

Male Makeup Tutorials

It appears every fourth video on a Facebook feed is of a male social media influencer doing a makeup tutorial. These are interesting because rather than teach people how to do light makeup for a natural look, these artists are focused more on looks that use heavy amounts of makeup to create something beautiful.
This trend is directly tied to the public’s fascination with shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race. An interesting side effect of these videos has been the rise of companies making gender-neutral makeup.


Although this article didn’t cover everything affecting the beauty industry, it gave a good overview of several things currently making waves in the industry. Other beauty trends, including cannabis-infused skincare products, or people moving towards lightweight water-based foundations are worth mentioning. It will be interesting to see which trends come and go and which ones stay.

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