Find Glasses that Offer Fashion, Protection and Efficiency?

There’s no denying that we adore glasses, its breathtaking design suits every look. Whether you are going for an interview, meeting or even just want to make a powerful impression then glasses are the one to rely on any time. Nowadays you see millions of variations in glasses, though eye care is important however there’s confusion in the consumers. The doubt of finding glasses that help with fashion, protection and turns efficient in service.

To help you sort out your essentials, we’ve sorted out the right list for you to grab the right ones in glasses. Glasses types that assort you with benefits and usefulness and where to find one:

Here’s how to find the Exclusive Pair of Frames

Glasses that are Trending lately

The one thing that people hate about glasses of being boring and pretty conventional in style. Your glasses need to follow the latest trends that have been adored by the mass population. It is about the time to stand out with the top 5 trends in glasses for women, it’s for ladies fashion accessory makeovers. 

Latest trends help you find your next admiration piece and keeps you updated and relevant to the current changes of the decade. The latest trend that’s been making its move on both male and women are transparent glasses. Transparent glasses are a new unorthodox design, completing new and refreshing to admire. The best part of these frames is that they set on absolute flawlessness on every skin complexion. 

Material – Go for Authentic Wooden Frames or Chic Acetate

One of the best trends going on the glasses is choosing the material. Wooden frames are now getting their long lost attention for their natural and soothing appearance. Many people are choosing it over other plastic or polycarbonate frames as it is subtle and powerful at the same time. The charms of the woods here with wooden frame glasses are simply irresistible as it charmingly blends with your face and looks intrinsic. A rare piece of choice that’s unique and natural for capturing your sincerity on the face.

Want to Look Smart and Sharp – Choose the right Frame

There’s no guilt in desiring to look smart or intelligent to be conceived more important. You can simply excel well in interviews or meeting with one simple stroke of brilliantly dressed done with a finer piece of the frame.

The great way to pull a geek chic look with the latest glasses trends is finally here. Now, we know that you want to dress to serve a high IQ but you certainly don’t want to look boring or nerdy. Don’t dress like a nerd, be nerdy in a fashionable manner or simply geek chic. The best frame to look stunningly smart by going for rimless, Clubmasters, Round or Wayfarer glasses.

Protect your Eyes from Modern Problems

There are thousands of modern eye problems everyone’s age group is increasing facing every day. The biggest reason for several vision problems is the use of excessive hours of screen consumption. Digital devices like laptops, computers, ipads, tablets and smartphones cause severe damage to your eyes. Should I use glasses to protect eyes from the computer screen? Yes! Protecting your eyes is the most vital step towards destroying potential vision damage. 

People are spending hours of their time on social media, sports, T.V and Netflix. It’s fun to find joy in technology, it’s the best escape from reality but if not properly consumed it can lead to various problems. Gaming and social media are one of the largest growing activities going around with teenagers. Does gaming affect your eye? Yes, everything with a screen emits harmful blue light rays that penetrate the retina of the eyes and cause sets of discomfort. It’s very common to experience eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, itchiness, red-eye and others that disrupt the daily work.

The only solution to fight back these adverse effects is by reducing excessive screen usage or using blue light filtering glasses. Blue light filtering glasses- a modern solution to modern eye problems is what everyone essentially requires if they use a screen anytime. These glasses are a necessity for the current times as the screen is damaging many eyes and causing an error at a very early stage. Blue light filtering glasses effectively block out these rays and keeps you actively protected for many hours for you to operate on any screen.

Go for one rather than Two (Glasses and Sunglasses) – Transitions

Looking for efficiency. Go ahead and lose the hassle of carrying two glasses with transition glasses and save your precious time. No one can carry two pairs, prescription glasses for vision correction and sunglasses when outdoors. Many people can’t keep up with the tight work hence often neglect their eye care and let the UV rays penetrate.

We say, go for a solid solution. The glasses turn in Sunglasses mystery revealed with transition glasses. That acts as both the pair whenever circumstances ask for it. The lenses turn dark when you step out in the sun and block out the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun and turn back when you are indoors. Get a perfect grip on your problems with a solid solution.

Get all your needs from prescription to non-prescription glasses at Specscart. Specscart offers beautiful and stunning frames sorted in a variety of design, style, texture and material. You’ll find everything you need at the moment and all its lenses are free fully coated with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance so you don’t get ripped off. Try them on with its free home trial, up to 4 frames for 7 days. Your favourite frames are waiting for you.

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