The Top Dropshipping Niches of 2024: What’s Hot and Why

The success of a business depends on the selling of the product. Even though dropshipping is a special type of e-commerce business, where a dropshipper does not produce the sold goods, the correct choice of dropshipping is his main task. Research work for product niches is the first step in organizing an online dropshipping store. One of the benefits of dropshipping is that you may try several niches; a dropshipper does not have stock or inventory, and product purchases are performed after a customer orders the item in the store. That is why, in this article, we provide you with several options for dropshipping niches, which you may try one by one. Do not forget that inside each niche, you can also try different products and create bundles to increase your profit.

A niche market is part of a large market and normally includes products for the same purpose. For example, socks could be a niche market in the large clothing market. But inside the socks niche, there is another niche – men’s socks. The narrower your chosen niche is, the more complicated it is to find customers, and the more targeted your advertising will be. We want to propose five top dropshipping niches in 2024; this choice was made based on a detailed analysis of a large market.

Top 5 dropshipping niches for 2024

Since top dropshipping niches change every year, it is essential to check the latest trends. Unfortunately, trending niches attract more competitors, so you should always be several steps ahead.

Electronics and accessories

The market for electronics rises every year, and the expected growth till 2028 is 2.27%. Among electronics, the most profitable goods are gadgets, headphones and computers. There are several reasons why gadgets have been in trend for years – they have short life cycles, the choice is unlimited in price and functionality, and many customization options. Dropshipper can choose what dropship from PC to laptop stickers.

You can focus on specific niches like student computers or gaming headphones. If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing small, cheap items (below $10) without special delivery requirements. Then, you need to choose the marketplace for your online store (Best Buy, Swappa or Amazon) and organize an advertising campaign based on your targeted audience. We strongly suggest not starting with emergency tools or PCs, as these items should be properly certified and are expensive, while eBay sets the limit for new accounts to sell items with a total value of less than $100 at the beginning.


The women’s clothing niche is always trending. All dropshipping software automatically always determines as a top dropshipping niche for the last years of women’s fashion and clothing. Women are the most active category in online sales, and the jewellery business is a multi-billion-dollar business. The market reached $249 billion in 2021 and is only growing. One of the benefits of this niche is that you may sell rings, necklaces and bracelets with huge margins.

The more unique your items are, the higher the price can be set. These items are quite cheap on the source market, the choice is huge, the items are hard to damage during transportation, and finally, there are not so many returns. You can focus on any type of jewellery, starting from cheap ones and then expanding to those made from gold and silver. There is also a chance to try yourself in every narrow niche – jewellery for dogs or kids. Jewellery supplies for dropshipping are represented widely on AliExpress, Taobao, DHGate, Alibaba and more, but you can focus on homemade authentic jewellery from your home region.

Car Accessories

In contrast to women’s clothing, car accessories are the most popular goods for men; meanwhile, women also buy them. Most people have cars, and they need regular maintenance; the original car parts might be expensive, and people try to purchase alternatives. The industry is worth $81 billion and is only increasing. In the USA, almost all households have at least one car. The choice of popular car accessories is huge as well – battery chargers, brake pads, tyres, compressors, testers, paint care kits, door protective films, car seat covers and many more.

The most reliable suppliers of car accessories can be found on Amazon, Alibaba, Target, Lowe’s, Walmart, SaleHoo, and others. Some source marketplaces allow you to order minimum quantities from one piece and ship worldwide. This niche is also one of the best for repetitive customers and long-lasting relationships. You can create bundles to offer more opportunities to increase average order value.

Health and personal care

The beauty industry has been in dropshipping trends for many years. It combines all ages and genders and offers goods for every income. According to a rough estimation, it can achieve up to $716 billion by 2025 in the world. The USA are the main consumer of such products, and it is a popular category for Europe and China. One of the trends inside this product niche is eco-products, which are natural without parabens and hypoallergenic. You can focus on hair care, body care or health care products. The demand for such products is stable for the whole year.

Also, people purchase them regularly, and you may receive many return customers. More customers of these products purchase online now, so it is the perfect time to step into this niche. For most of these products, there are no special delivery requirements, and no special license is required. We suggest this niche for beginners, but you need to have basic knowledge of the products to be competitive in the market.

Sports and fitness accessories

Another guaranteed dropshipping niche trending in 2024 is fitness products. As described earlier, this niche has many sub-niches that you can focus on. The revenue of this niche in 2021 was $16 billion. It includes products for indoor and outdoor fitness, fitness equipment for fitness centres and active hobbies (like skiing or biking). Because of its popularity, there are many competitors, but you may always narrow your niche and supply unique products.

You can search suppliers on Spocket, SaleHoo and AppScenic for these goods, but be prepared for long delivery times. As an option, whole-suppliers like RDX Sports can supply high-quality goods but set requirements on minimum quantities; that’s why an intermediate warehouse might be required. For beginners, we recommend starting with fitness clothing like shoes, tops or pants and accessories like gloves, water bottles or kneecaps. We do not recommend choosing food supplements (many requirements), big equipment (complicated to deliver) or fake sneakers (illegal).


Dropshipping is a unique business model where you may try many dropshipping niches without damage to your investments. You do not need warehouses and production factories; you need only to adjust your online store. In 2024, we highlighted electronics, jewellery, health care, car accessories and fitness accessories, but many other niches are promising good revenue. We recommend the niche where you have experience and some knowledge to start; it could be one of the described top five

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