Strategies for Selling Unwanted Gift Cards for Maximum Returns

Sometimes you may receive gift cards that don’t quite match your preferences. In such cases, choosing to sell gift cards can be a smart way to turn them into cash. Better still you can also choose to exchange them for something more useful than owning a useless gift card. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your gift cards deemed unwanted.

Check Exchange Rates and Fees

When choosing a platform to sell your unwanted gift card, always be mindful of exchange rates and fees charged. As mentioned earlier, different platforms have varying policies, some platforms may choose to deduct a percentage of the card’s value to cater for processing fee. In the long run, this may end up reducing your overall earnings. Therefore, it is prudent enough to compare fees across different platforms and settle on one that will maximize your returns.

Research the Market

Like any other thing, it’s essential to research the market to understand its value before deciding to you sell your gift card. With various buyers, different platforms may offer varying rates for the same product. By utilize online marketplaces; you will be able to make comparison so as to gauge the current resale value of your card.

Choose the Right Platform

The number of platforms where you can sell your gift cards is very high. However, you need to know that each of platforms comes with its unique set of fees and payment options. Several factors can help you narrow down your choices. However, most importantly you need to consider commission rates, ease of use and seller protection. Go for dedicated gift card exchange websites or reputed online marketplaces or social media groups.

Go for Instant Cash Offers

While most of gift card exchange websites take products for credit, you can get some that offer instant cash for your unwanted cards. Even though these offers may be slightly lower than the actual value of the card. However, the advantage of selling directly to an individual is that you earn immediate liquidity without the hassle of too much waiting. However, it is upon you to evaluate the options. Find out whether the convenience of instant cash outweighs other methods.

Sell your unwanted gift card locally

When disposing unwanted gift card, you may also consider selling it locally through classified ads. Besides, you can also try community bulletin boards. With this approach, you will not suffer the shipping costs. The option also allows for face-to-face transactions and thus you are able to attract potentially more buyers who prefer immediate access to the card. However, you must exercise caution for seamless transaction. Be sure to meet in safe, public locations before conducting local transactions.


Gift cards are potentially useless if they can’t serve their rightful service. If you got unwanted gift cards then selling them is the most important decision. It is a lucrative way to de-clutter your wallet. When you sell gift cards, you will be able to put some extra cash in your pocket. With these factors, you can maximize your returns ensuring a smooth transaction process. Regardless of your intention, selling your gift cards is a practical solution to convert your unwanted presents into valuable assets.

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