Fancy clothing for winters

Styling in winters is the most difficult task. Because no matter what’s the occasion either you have to attend some party or go for a date, you have to cover yourself properly to get rid of cold. In addition, you’ve to take extreme care of your skin in winters, thus you spend a lot on skin clinic. So it’s not possible to invest a large amount on your coats, sweaters, shrugs etc. It is not necessary to buy expensive clothing to catch the attention, here are some of the tips that will make your clothes look fancy

1. Use belts on coat to steal the show

You can add life to your coats by simply belting them. This will give them a new look. But make sure that belt should be the flattering one. You can try this trick on shrugs and cap shawls as well. And the good news is that, if you are bit bulky this trick will make you look slimmer. This is one of the best tricks to fight cold, save money and makes you look stylish.

2. Go for long boots to gain attention

No matter you are wearing old clothes if you have stylish long boots; you’ll definitely catch the attention. This also works if it’s snowy outside. It’s better to wear long boots with skinny jeans, tights, short skirt or any other dress that does not cover them. To give your simple boots a fancy look, you can put diamantes to make them more eye-catching.

3. Spray your old furry stuff

Wearing fur will give you a cosy feeling and it’s the best option for extreme cold. If you have any light coloured fur, have fun with it. It depends on you either you want to have permanent spray or temporary. You can spray it with colours of your choice or make it multi-coloured. Trust me you’ll be the fashionista. Find your old furry mittens, collars, furry shawls or even fur caps, spray and give them a new life.

4. Wear turtlenecks

It’s time to add turtleneck to your wardrobe. It will keep you warm and you’ll look stylish. This will give you a great classy look. If you don’t like the tight neck, you can go for a loose turtleneck. These are in trend and you’ve seen many celebs wearing it. But remember if your neck is too short (that’s the rare case), it’s better to avoid this because it will make your neck almost invisible.

5. Try different scarf styles

Winter is the best time to do experiments with the scarf. You can wear it in many different styles. This suits with Indian clothing as well. You may find many scarf styles on the internet, I personally like French knot, double sided twist, knotted necklace, cosy neck, classic loop, braided and classic pull through. These are best for winters.

6. Wear the layers

Putting layers of clothes in extreme winter is always the trend. So don’t be afraid to wear a pile of clothes. You can make your own combinations like wearing a jacket on the turtleneck, coat on T-shirt, skirt on printed tights; you can go for skinny jeans as well and so on. The most important thing is how you carry your clothing. If you are good in that then there will be no problem for you.

7. Hunt for stylish caps

Try to cover yourself maximally in winter. It’s better to cover your head as well. So, hunt for stylish caps to grab the attention. And obviously, it’s the first thing people will notice about you. So be choosing in selecting it. You can go for funking hats as well.

You can also mix and match the texture to create your own style like a leather jacket with fur scarf or woollen shrug with printed jeans and so on.

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