Heavy Construction Equipments Utilized In Road Building

Depending upon the requirements of Government, several strategies and proposals are made for road building and construction. The proposal, budget and strategies for road construction completely depend on the type of road to be invested on whether for local roads, national, or international highways. Heavy construction equipments are specifically designed that could be efficiently used for such road building process.

The usage of heavy grade equipments for road construction totally depends on the road project and proposal i.e. for either road re-carpeting, construction of new road, or fixation of some minor cracks and damages. The following are some commonly used road construction equipments available on BoomAndBucket.com. The usage of such types of machinery completely depends on the type of the road construction works.

Motor Grader

Motor graders are also commonly known as road graders or maintainers. These heavy-duty machines are mostly used in the construction of dirt and gravel roads so as to create evenly flat surfaces for asphalt to be efficiently laid on. The common models of motor grader consist of three axles.

The engine and can are located above the rear axles at the backend of the vehicle and a third axle is placed in front of the vehicle with a long blade in between them. Motor graders use native dot set soil foundation pads for finishing of grades prior to road construction and are available in various sizes and types depending upon the construction job of any particular type of road.

Asphalt Mixing Plant:

Asphalt Mixing Plant is typically used for the manufacture of asphalt concrete, cement and other coated road stones used for making the top layer of the road. Asphalt mixing plants are generally used in all types of road construction jobs whether any local roads or highways and are available in a variety of sizes depending upon the width and quality of road construction job.

The plant creates a mixture of cement, stones, mineral aggregates, and filler in correct proportions as per the requirements of the road. It then heats the mixture and coats it with a binder for use. The plant is used to keep the final product heated for use in order to avoid setting down of product and laying it in layers on the road.

Road Roller Machine:

The usage of road rollers come after the asphalt has been laid down on the road in layers. The road roller is used to compact the soil, gravel and asphalt put on the road for leveling up of the ingredients used. Road rollers can be rubber tire rollers, double-drum asphalt rollers or combination rollers and the type of roller to be used is completely determined by the mixture used in the road project.

For highways, double-drum asphalt rollers are likely to be used while single-drum combination rollers can be effective for local road construction. After the graders have their work done and asphalt has been placed, road roller machines are used for effective binding of the different layers of the road.

Crawler Excavator:

Crawler excavators are the heavy construction equipments commonly used for excavating earth and rocks and load them into dump trucks. Excavators are also known as diggers and they also come in different sizes and types depending on the size of the road project. Apart from digging, they are also used for breaking asphalt, leveling the area, moving the debris from one place to another and many other lifting works.

Excavators can certainly do a wide range of work by changing its front attachment. Excavator constitutes of a boom, bucket, and cab located on a rotating platform above an undercarriage with wheels or tracks. Huge excavators are used for the construction of big highways while smaller ones are capable of handling works of smaller roads construction.

Forklift Truck:

Forklift trucks are also known as fork trucks or lift trucks and are used to move materials over short distances. These trucks were earlier used for moving objects in factories but now a day these are used for multiple purposes including road construction. Forklift trucks can be used for moving of piles of cement and stones during road construction.

The forklift truck comes with an attached prolonged platform which can be lowered to pick an object on or below the ground and raised for moving object. The platform can be controlled by levers that directly manipulate hydraulic valves, or by electrically controlled actuators. Forklift trucks have faced numerous modifications over the years for increasing its usage and performance.

Wheel Loader:

Wheel loaders are commonly referred as front loaders, skip loaders or bucket loaders. This heavy-duty construction equipment is basically a type of tractor that is used to move a pile of material or aggregate from the ground and load it onto a dump truck or into an open pit. Wheel loaders are most commonly used during road construction and almost all kinds of roads require its necessity. Here you can find different models of used wheel loaders for sale.

Wheel loaders consist of a front-mounted square with a wide bucket joined to the end of two arms. The wide bucket is used to scoop up a large amount of materials from the ground without spreading it out. The materials extracted could be asphalt, debris, gravel etc which are then loaded into dump trucks for its removal. With proper initiatives and proposals, these heavy duty construction equipments can surely make the requisite plan into solid reality.

Truck Crane:

Truck cranes are the specific types of cranes that are mounted on the back of a lorry for assisting with lifting requirements within a construction site. The cranes mounted are extremely long for lifting large piles of materials. The cranes consist of a carrier, called the lower and a lifting component called the upper.

Both the upper and lower are connected through a turntable allowing the lifting component to swing from side to side. The cranes can be assembled as a removable attachment or can be permanently mounted on the lorry. The buckets attached to the crane can also be replaced with other tools like forks or shipping containers depending on the type of the work.

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