Top 6 Swimwear Trends For 2022

Summer has arrived, and it’s finally swimming season again. If you want to add some new swimwear to your wardrobe, it would be nice to be familiar with the swimwear trends this year. If you fancy watching runway shows and browsing celebrity accounts on social media, you have probably seen what’s in to be summer-approved.

The good news is that some swimwear remains timeless, like your black one-piece swimsuit, an all-time trendy swimwear. However, it’s a great idea to rock other beach or pool outfits with a fresh and modern swimsuit. Find more additions to your swimsuit collection by checking this link:, and some of your favorite swimwear brands.

Get ready to flaunt some skin and your curves with the following swimwear styles which are trending this 2022:

Textured Or Ribbed Swimwear

Many trending swimsuits this year come in different textures. Crinkled, ribbed, and quilted fabrics give classic silhouettes a fresh spin this season. As ribbed fabrics have more stretch and can recover to their original shape after use, they provide greater comfort as they adapt better to the body’s shape. It looks great on everyone, even plus-size and curvier chicks.

While some textures appear elegant and minimal, others have a more playful or vibrant look. Many models and celebrities popularly wear these swimsuits. They usually come in monotones as the texture becomes more focused than going for printed fabrics.

Fashionable and functional, ribbed swimsuits are a perfect combination. Whether young, old, or in between, this swimwear stretches and fits your body type and even the changes it goes through. Hence, even if it’s trending this year, it will remain fashionable for many years. Also, ribbed and textured swimsuits are pretty comfortable, so they’re best to wear if you want to play beach sports and join in water activities.


Tankinis never really went out of style, but they’re making a fantastic comeback with shorter lengths than their predecessors. The current tankinis are shorter than conventional tankinis but mimic the length of a crop top. Tankinis can pair with a wide variety of bottoms like panties, thongs, or bikini shorts. There are many styles of tankinis to choose from and many strap styles.

You can also wear a tankini with a t-shirt or swimsuit to the pool, hotel lobby, or restaurant while on vacation. Since you’re not flashing too much skin, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable strolling through the resort. Another way to wear tankinis is to use them as a crop top and slip on a jacket to hide too much visible skin.

Micro Strap Swimwear

There are some helpful factors to consider when purchasing a swimsuit online or from brick-and-mortar stores. But one trend you’ll find is that many have micro-thin straps. Although this trend is not new, it has become more apparent in 2022. The micro straps offer the right balance of sexy and sophisticated silhouette design. Also, because it comes with minimal tan lines, more women love to wear them than thicker straps.  

Micro straps are common in different kinds of swimsuits. Whether you go for one or two-piece bikinis, the straps on the top are usually thin. Aside from being beautiful on all body types, this trend often comes in adjustable styles, making it simple to find the perfect one for you.  

Crochet Bikini

Crochet bikinis are not new in the swimwear industry, but they’re making a remarkable comeback this year. Crochet lovers will surely love how crochet swimsuits are becoming more and more popular. Some famous and luxurious brands are offering their versions of this style. Every beach will be flooded with crochet bikinis this summer. And if you still have your old ones, you should consider wearing them back this year.

Printed Halter Swimsuits

Printed swimsuits are continuously popular this year. Some women shy away from bold prints because they feel that they look fatter in them. However, incorporating a halter strap into it can flatter any body type. Printed swimsuits also come in different types of prints and colors. You can surely find whatever print style you want. The key is ensuring the colors all work together to balance its boldness.  

Pastel Colored Swimwear

It’s impossible not to fall in love with dreamy pastel bikini sets. Upon window shopping, you’ll see a lot of pastel swimsuits worn by mannequins, which are just eye-catching. They look clean, fresh, and very modern. Gen Z loves wearing pastels, and they’re now finally in the form of swimsuits. Pastel has been popular recently, but it’s coming back this year. With more emphasis on nostalgic fashion, the pastel-themed swimwear takes some retro-style from the past.


In the past, trends were usually based on the runway shows of a few dozen designers, which often indicated what would be super popular in the fashion world at a specific time. However, social media is currently becoming a more influential trendsetter than any significant fashion or brand company. If you’re ready to spruce up your swimwear collection this summer, consider the list of ideas above. They will surely make you look and feel a hot babe the next time you book a great beach escapade.

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