The best ways to store your hat

When trying to decide how best to store your caps, there are quite a few bad ways to do it that you should be cautious of. For instance, most people would say you can just leave a straw hat lying anywhere when you don’t need it. Or perhaps even just tossing a dad hat anywhere in the room, whether it’s on a nearby chair or table. However, these are some examples of things that you should not do.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some headpieces that aren’t crushable or cannot withstand some mistreatment. However, those who would like their hats to last for years must learn how to store them safely and in shape. So, we decided to quickly compile a list of possible storage options that are highly effective in keeping your headpiece in pristine condition.


One of the most recommended storage options is to make use of a hatbox.

They provide among the most effective ways to best avoid getting dust on your hats while also keeping their structures perfectly intact. However, electing to use one of these, will need some extra time and effort. This is because storing and removing the hats each time you need them can end up proving to be quite arduous at times. Moreover, the boxes can often take up a sizeable amount of space, which may not be very practical for those with limited space in their homes. This especially applies to those with large hat collections in their homes that may comprise of wide-brimmed caps that may need extra space; eg. a straw hat, a flat billed hat, a sun hat, fedoras, etc.

Despite this, there are still some simple yet similar alternatives that are available. For example, if the cap originally came with a box when you bought it, then you can always keep them and re-use them. If they didn’t come in one, there are still several options online that you can choose from. Plus, there are a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from. Moreover, you can also avoid spending any money buying new boxes, by utilizing some of the unused ones that are lying around your home.

Storage Tips

Your headpiece should always be placed upside down in the box, with the crown facing downwards and the brim pointed upwards. This helps keep the overall shape unchanged. Additionally, if you own many caps and would like to secure some extra storage space, then you can always buy a large-sized hatbox to fit your largest-sized headpieces. This will help you easily fit your other small ones comfortably. However, do not force caps with different shapes or sizes to fit in together, this will lead to them looking misshapen. It is also recommended that you start labeling your boxes to better identify which hats are kept inside.

Wall Hooks

These are an extremely practical way to store your hats, especially when trying to save space. The main benefit of using these hangers is that they provide convenient and easy storage for your hats, while also ensuring they are easy to access if you’re in a hurry. This makes them ideal for those hats that you like to wear daily. However, you must keep them away from any direct sunlight, as this could end up leading to your hat fading. Another benefit to this method is that using wall hooks does well to showcase your hats, adding a fantastic form of wall decor to your home’s interior design.

Storage Tips

You should always avoid using any sharp or pointy hooks. These can be damaging to your hats. As they can either stretch them unnecessarily or ruin the hat’s crown. It’s best to go for those hooks that come with slightly curved hook tips, similar to those often seen on coat rack hooks. They offer up better balance and less pressure on the hat’s crown.

If you are not willing to commit to a proper wall hook purchase, you can always opt to buy a non-permanent hook sticker instead. These hooks are still just as effective and important, especially if you own a baseball cap, a bucket hat with string, or any other soft hats that don’t lose their shape very easily.


It may feel like an unnecessary and tedious process to keep your hats safe. However, if you want them to last for years to come, then you need to know how to properly store them. As such, by taking this extra step to protect your hats, you can avoid having to do any extra cleaning. Moreover, you can also keep your hat’s shape the same, as time goes on. With these easy tips, you can save yourself money, while still looking fresh and stylish for much longer.

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