You Need This: The Importance of Installing a Solar Water Heater in Your Home

With the winter months rearing its head, you may think about how to be energy-efficient while you continuously use your water heater during this cold season. October will not be known as an Energy Action Month for nothing. Now is the high time for you to get on with your energy-efficient ways because many people are doing the job.

The good thing is there are many ways that you can do to save energy during the winter months. One of these is using solar water heater in your home. Solar water heater helps you decrease your energy use because it utilizes the power of the sun to heat water for different purposes.
For instance, in your home, you can use solar water heater for heating your drinking water, your bath, and your pool area. Also, many institutional and business establishments use a solar water-heating system as an alternative to conventional water heaters.
Because why not? Solar water heaters offer a wide range of economic, environmental, and energy sustainability benefits. Here is why you need a solar water-heating system in your household.

A Lot of Money Saved Straight into Your Pocket

Using the free and abundant energy of the sun means increased savings on your monthly bill. Indeed, a solar water heater is a good investment because your total cost will pay for itself after a few years.
When you decide to install a solar water-heating system, you will only worry about the initial cost and its maintenance. As compared to conventional water heaters, solar water heaters will not concern you of the future rate of inflation and energy expenses. Plus, it is a good start to help preserve the environment.
Also, you can avail of special energy tax incentives when you use a sustainable and renewable source of energy and products in your household. Lower electricity bill plus tax incentives mean a lot of money saved directly into your pocket.

It Helps Minimize Air Pollution

Many households across the globe still depend on the conventional use of energy such as burning fossil fuels to heat their water. In the United States, for example, 30 percent of electricity usage comes from coal-fired power plants.
Using these old ways to generate electricity means releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and its byproducts into the air that contribute to the destruction of the environment and damage to our health.

By installing a solar water-heating system in your household, you become part of the solution to the growing problems of climate change and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

It Helps Preserve Our Natural Waters

Not only the quality of our air, but burning fossil fuels also has its adverse impact on our natural waters by releasing carbon dioxide and its particulates. In the study of Natural Resources Defense Council, conventional power plants are one of the most prominent perpetrators in releasing toxic materials such as mercury into our streams, lakes, and rivers.
Aside from the adverse impact on our natural environment because of our continued use of conventional sources of energy, it also has adverse effects on human health. What practical steps can we do to put an end to the contamination of our watersheds and keeping our precious health?
Well, it is a good start if we begin using solar water heaters in our homes. You can check Gstore Solar Hot Water for high-quality solar water heaters to help preserve our environment.

It Increases the Property Value of Your Home

As stated by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), more than 1.5 million households and businesses use solar water heaters in the United States. With the increase of popularity of the solar water-heating system, it also raises the property value of your household if you consider selling it.

Most homebuyers are now environment-conscious, and they look for a home that commits to the preservation of the environment by being energy-efficient. Thus, you must always consider this benefit of having a solar water-heating system in your household.
Solar water heaters can work in any climate. According to the estimate of EESI, 40 percent of US household have ample access to the remarkable benefits brought by sunlight, meaning 29 million water heaters are suitable to be added in US homes.

A Tip for Potential Water Heater Buyers

In the US, before you install solar water heaters in your home, you must consider zoning and building codes within the jurisdiction of the locality you are residing.
It means you need to research and inquire about the standards of your locality and hire a solar water-heating system installer who has credentials and knowledge about local requirements. You should also apply for a building permit when you want to install a solar water heater in your home.

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A water heater has a variety of uses in your home. When the winter season comes, for instance, you need a water heater to help you fight off the chilling weather when taking a bath.
For a water heater that provides many advantages, you need to have a solar-powered water-heating system. Solar water heaters are budget-saving, energy-efficient, and sustainable alternative to the conventional water heaters that use fossil fuel as its energy.

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