How to fit your new corset?

The importance of adapting to your corset is:

Adapting period

This article is about the importance of adaptation, or the importance of getting used to your new bra. Many people are just starting to wear corsets, and I think it’s time to highlight this very important step in life. We emphasize this in our bra care and guidance page and our new video.

new corset

When you first open your new brand of steel-framed corset from Corsetwe, it’s completely bi-directional. Before you put on your bra, you must undo it completely. Pull the “X” from the central pull ring until it reaches the top and bottom of the corset. The corset will be stiff, and the front pins and loops are hard to hook for the first time. First try to connect the loop/pin from the center (or from the bottom). Once all your pins are firmly secured to your bra, you can start pulling the tape.

When you first tighten your belt, remember not to fasten it too tightly. Tie your waist to the right place and make it comfortable. To slip several fingers on the top or bottom of your bra is the right condition. If your corset is the right size and shape (depending on the size of the corset you need). When your corset is adjusted to suit you, your figure will show up. Trying to tighten your corset too fast may damage and distort the bones and cause some discomfort. Of course, according to women’s preference for different colors, the introduction of various colors of corsets, such as women’s black corsets, both sexy and versatile. We’ve damaged the corset while shooting and tried to get the best results you can get when you get used to it.

After you wear your bra for 30-45 minutes, tighten it up a bit. Just wear underwear for 1.5 to 2 hours the first time, and repeat this step several times a few days before you try to get used to wearing a corset. For women who want to lose weight quickly, and women who want to wear a corset for a temporary effect at a wedding ceremony or other occasions, corsets are a good choice. It’s equally important to corset before the event date (so don’t wait until the last minute to order a corset). Some low-priced women, when buying corsets for women, are more likely to buy the women’s cheap corsets. It’s worth noting that tights closer to the natural shape are more effective than corsets for women. 411 adapts quickly to me because I can hardly find a better match unless I have a custom-made corset.426 it takes a longer time to adapt, and I don’t have a stature curve suitable for this style.

For those who want to do waist training, especially those who need to wear tight bras for a long time (more than 6-8 hours a day), it is particularly important to adjust your tight bra appropriately. Short sleeve bodysuits or long sleeve bodysuits are not necessarily the only choice when you first try them on. As your corset is wearable, so you can gradually increase the wearing time in 10-14 days. Take time to tighten up yourself – don’t rush for success. I know you want to see the effect in a short time, if you’re anxious to see the result, you’re likely to damage your corset (and yourself). Your patience will give you a close, beautiful corset that will continue to give you the body curve you want。

From my own experience, my tights are very suitable for running in or after adjustment. About a week later, the bottom really tightly wound and shaped my curve, and there was a gap at first, just a few times to fit into the corset, the hook and pin were in the right place, and the strap was easy to pull through the buttonholes.

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