Can I Get My Prescription Sunglasses to Grab The Bulletins?

Your eyes spark a charm wherever you go and taking care of your eyes is always required so that you can cherish them in their natural hues. For this, you need sunnies when there is brittle sun outside and a pair of prescription sunglasses when you want to correct your vision also.

Travelling is a hobby of many and your visual problems should not hinder memorable trips of yours. Remember the time when your contact lenses didn’t allow you to go on that adventurous water ride? The time when you couldn’t cherish a long drive because your contact lenses cannot be worn for a very longer period of time. Or you lost your lens solution, felt dry eyes. There are many problems that come with the contact lenses and this is where sunnies with proper prescription stepped in.

Why you need a pair of designer prescription glasses?

Wish to know what all can these sunnies bring on with them

  • Be the fashionista: There are so many sunglasses available that impart a classy appeal, trendy looks, some of them make you look fabulous, some of them are providing an extra edge but you have vision issues and cannot use them. Do not worry as all problems have solutions. Go for sunnies that have lenses with your preferred choices.
  • Your fav sunglasses with a prescription: Feeling the urge to buy sunnies that you have given your heart? But wait you cannot because your eyes won’t feel the proper comfort. Say goodbye to those days as your sunglasses will behave as your prescription frames and will have all the comforts that you have desired. As now your sunnies can become the prescription sunglasses having the lenses that take care of eyesight as well as of the harsh sun rays so that there are no clenched eyes.
  • Customised lenses: Sunglasses that have prescription lenses will be your carefully designed and customised sunnies so that they can act as your vision enhancers and can also make you look fab. These sunnies will be according to your prescription. You can have any of your designer frames with the lenses that can be for single vision correctness as well as they can be for varifocals, as per your need. Besides this, the other coatings that you will get will be of Anti-reflective 400 that will block UVA/B and offers the best protection against the scorching sunlight. Anti-scratch and impact resistant coating to prevent any wear and tear.
  • Trendy tints: Nowadays sunglasses are available in various tints. All these tints also have various advantages besides making you look trendy. For example:
  1. Graduated tints: These tints offer a wonderful solution when you are somebody who has to drive for long hours. These tints have darker shades near the temples and the shades go lighter by the time the colour reaches the bottom. You can order them in colours such as graduated grey, graduated brown and many more.
  2. Dark Tints: The dark tints are a good option when you are going for an outing and you wish to cherish the natural colours in their true hues. The darker tints are available in many colours such as dark green, dark brown and many more.
  3. Polarised Tints: Prescription sunglasses polarised are helpful in blocking the glares. The flat surfaces in the sunlight reflect the light in both horizontal and vertical directions. The polarised sunglasses come with a filter in them so that the horizontal glares get blocked and also saves your eyes from the strains.

You have frames but need to new lenses according to your prescription?

There are times when your lenses get scratched or you already have the frames of your sunglasses but need new lenses for them. For all the problems that you are facing because of the lenses, it is the time to bury them deep. As you can reglaze glasses. Thinking which eyewear store will you go to in the UK for this service? Specscart is the place that can take the finest care of your eyes. They have a wide range of frames so that you get the perfect pair of glasses frames and lenses for your sunglasses.

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